Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs, Clear with Leash
Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs, Clear with Leash Components
Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs, Clear with Leash Size Chart

Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs, Clear with Leash


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Thanks to Doc's ProPlugs, you don't have to choose between ear protection and hearing. This patented design keeps out water as well as high-frequency and loud noises (blocks 20 dB) - while still enabling you to hear normal sounds.

As divers know, wearing earplugs helps equalize ear pressure and prevent vertigo, ear pain caused by temperature differences, and infections. Doc's vented design helps to reduce pressure changes and make equalization easier. All this without compromising your ability to hear normal sounds - children shouting, approaching boat motors, your friends calling you back to the beach when the food is ready. Included leash helps keep earplugs nearby when you aren't wearing them. Doc's ProPlugs are approved and recommended by ENT doctors, and used by thousands of surfers and divers every day. Wide range of sizes for children and adults helps you find the perfect fit. With assistance, you can measure your ear for sizing (see fitting instructions above). Suitable for: Surfing, water-skiing, Scuba, snorkeling, freediving, jet skis, motorcycles, noisy boat motors, musicians, DJs, and Light industrial applications - blocks 20 dB.


Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs Features:

  • Keeps water and noise out while allowing you to hear regular sounds
  • Comes with a leash so you don’t lose them
  • Vented to reduce pressure changes and to ease equalization
  • Approved by ear, nose and throat doctors


About the inventor of Doc's ProPlugs:

Robert ""Doc"" Scott, M.D. founded Doc's ProPlugs in 1977 in Santa Cruz, California and remains the president of the company. Doc Scott loves freediving, surfing, swimming, and windsurfing. While in general practice, he spent a lot of time diagnosing and treating ear problems afflicting watersports enthusiasts. Doc Scott researched the effects of cold and water on the ears, and was one of the first to propose a link between these conditions and exostosis, an abnormal bone growth in the ear canal (commonly called ""surfer's ear""). Exostosis frequently leads to hearing loss, increased ear infections and ear pain, and difficulty clearing water from the ear canal. Doc's ProPlugs are designed to prevent the types of long-term ear damage that affect so many divers, snorkelers, surfers, spearos, and other watersports enthusiasts.

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