DiveOptx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses
DiveOptx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses Installed

DiveOptx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses


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Reading glasses for your mask! These inserts ar...

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Reading glasses for your mask! These inserts are removable and reusable and use no glues or messy adhesives. Just wash the mask and slide the lens into place. If you use bifocals on land, these magnifying lenses for your favorite scuba mask will make reading your dive computer or gauges much easier. See what you've been missing! DiveOptx magnifying lenses fit virtually all dive masks.


DiveOptx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses Features:

  • Self adhesive
  • Improve your vision underwater
  • +1.0 to +3.0 in 0.5 diopter increments
  • Lenses come in a pair


DiveOptx corrective mask lenses - 2018 ScubaLab Testers Choice Award-winners

Here's what the testers at ScubaLab had to say about the DiveOptx bifocal-style corrective lenses in their 2018 Testers Choice award citation:

Even with corrective mask lenses, some of us are finding it tougher to make out the fine print. Made of rubbery plastic, these stick-ons are about the size and shape of the reader sections of bifocals and are available in eight strengths; we tried +2.00, which made it possible to read small computer screens and camera settings more easily. They stick by suction, and once we followed the instructions—everything squeaky clean and let dry 24 hours before diving—they stuck well, never budging after more than 20 dives, but removed easily without leaving a mark. They took a dive or two to get used to, after which we barely noticed them. Defog never loosened them, though in cool water they fogged a bit quicker than the glass mask lens.

More Info

  • Product Sku: 10741
  • Lens Side: Fits Both Sides
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color - Lens: Clear
  • Accessory: Yes
  • Compatibility: Any mask

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