Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer - Black/Silver
Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer - Black/Pink
Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer Face View
Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer Side View
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Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer - Black/Pink Thumbnail}
Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer Face View Thumbnail}
Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer Side View Thumbnail}

Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer



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The Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer is an easily readable, user-friendly dive computer that you’ll love using for your scuba diving and freediving adventures. The single-push button design keeps things simple for moving through menus and modes, and the high contrast display screen features extra large numbers and a high-powered backlight to optimize visibility—even in low vis conditions. While some wrist dive computers can feel clunky and uncomfortable, the Cressi Donatello Computer features a low profile, ergonomic design for superior comfort.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty gritty details, shall we? This dive computer uses a RGBM algorithm for keeping your bottom time and ascent calculations optimized while keeping you safe. There are multiple alarm options, including ascent speed, decompression, PPO2, surface interval, recovery time, dive time, and maximum dive depth. The multi-mode technology compartmentalizes your dive data so you can access it when you want to. For your convenience, this computer offers several operating modes, including Dive, Apnea, and Gauge.

Not only is this watch ideal for those who like to switch between scuba and freediving, it’s an ideal dive computer for beginners who may not be quite sure where their dives will take them just yet. The Donatello dive computer’s digital logbook can hold up to 50 dive logs per category. Between comfort, functionality, readability, and style, the Cressi Donatello Wrist Dive Computer is one that both apnea and scuba divers can enjoy using.



Cressi Donatello Dive Computer Features:

  • High contrast display screen with extra large numbers for easy readability
  • Easy access menu for a user friendly experience
  • Single-push button design for simplicity
  • High power backlit display for low visibility conditions
  • Surf time, desaturation, and No-Fly time calculator
  • Can be set to metric or imperial measurement
  • Logbook holds up to 50 dives per category
  • Dive sessions are downloadable with Interface device (sold separately)
  • Low profile structure with ergonomic design for comfort
  • 12/24 time format with calendar
  • Battery power indicator
  • Interchangeable CR2450 battery

Dive (Air/Nitrox) Mode:

  • Cressi RGBM algorithm
  • Complete diving data processor
  • PPO2 1.2-1.6 configuration
  • Graphic indicator of CNS toxicity level of oxygen
  • Safety stop indicator
  • Multiple level safety factor configurations
  • Altitude-adjustable configuration
  • Algorithm made for managing an uncontrolled ascent
  • Suitable for repeated, multi-day decompression diving
  • Ability to enable or disable Deep Stop function
  • Multiple alarms for ascent speed breach, decompression, or PPO2
  • Ability to disable ascent alarms
  • Dive planning setting for scrolling of no-decompression limits
  • Maximum dive depth alarm

Freedive (Apnea) Mode:

  • Display of all diving parameters
  • Depth indicator
  • Temperature display
  • Dive calculator
  • Dive time
  • Maximum dive depth alarm
  • Interval time clock for surfacing between dives
  • Calculates duration of dive session
  • Alarms for surface intervals, recovery time, and dive time
  • Visualization of time during dive

Gauge Mode:

  • Depth and temperature indicators
  • Average depth
  • Dive time in minutes and seconds
  • Resettable depth stopwatch
  • Visualization of time at dive phase

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD146577
  • Air Integrated: No
  • Altitude Adjustable: Yes
  • Back Light: Yes
  • Rechargeable Battery: No
  • System of Measurement: Both Imperial and Metric
  • Battery Type: CR2450
  • Audible Alarm: Yes
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Accessory: No
  • Hoseless/Transmitter Air Integrated: No
  • Computer Type: Wrist

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