Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Second Stage Regulator
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Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Regulator (Yoke)

Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Regulator (Yoke)



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This Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Regulator is one of only 960 in the entire world! When you get your hands on this advanced piece of machinery, you may find yourself thinking that the Leg3nd Elite scuba regulator was made specifically for you—and that wouldn’t be far off from the truth. Aqualung has taken every detail into account when designing this regulator. From its intricate inner workings to the ergonomic exterior, this regulator was made to excel in functionality, reliability, comfort, and, of course, taking effortless underwater breaths tailored to your breathing. 

But let’s dive a little deeper into the details, shall we? The Aqualung Leg3nd Elite Regulator is already one of the top scuba diving regulators on the market. This Limited Edition version celebrates this remarkable machinery by giving it a new look, packing it in its own personal carrying case, and including a metal card that tells you which of the 960 Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Regulators you now own. It’s designed to handle all kinds of dives, from bright, warm shallow waters to even the coldest depths. Its auto-balanced (overbalanced) diaphragm ensures that you’ll have equal, steady breathing pressure throughout the entirety of your dive, and the radial openings conserve your tank time by preventing freeflows when scuba diving through stronger currents. The purge depth controller takes effort out of optimizing your air flow. 

All this incredible engineering makes the Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Scuba Regulator ideal for extending your dive time, keeping your breathing easy and effortless, regardless of conditions, and offering you the peace of mind that you have scuba diving equipment you can rely on dive after dive. Not to mention, that elite feeling of total exclusivity in owning one of only 960 ever made. 


Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite First Stage Features: 

  • Overmolded cap and deep ribs prevent ice buildup around the mechanism
  • Ergonomically shaped yoke screws with “Soft Grip” surface for easy handling
  • Ideally positioned HP and MP ports provide optimal hose routing
  • Overbalanced diaphragm for even breathing your entire dive 
  • Auto-closure device keeps out dust and debris when not in use
  • HP ports: 2
  • MP ports: 4
  • First stage weight: 957 g
  • Metal: Chrome-coated marine brass
  • Connection design: Yoke


Aqualung Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite Second Stage Features:

  • Front cover radial openings over diaphragm prevents freeflow 
  • Elastomer overmolded exhaust cover with “soft touch” effect
  • Wide surface overmolded air purge for easy purging
  • Purge depth controller for optimizing air flow 
  • Enlarged heat exchanger prevents freezing
  • Air channel deflector directs air flow evenly during inhalation and lowers exhalation effort
  • Flexible, lightweight Aqua Flex hose with dual protectors 
  • Patented Comfobite mouthpiece for reducing jaw fatigue 
  • Detachable and reusable mouthpiece clamp 
  • Pneumatically balanced for effortless breathing
  • Venturi switch and adjustable breathing resistance for customizable experience
  • Lip shield
  • Second stage weight: 227 g 
  • Hose length: 730 mm
  • Nitrox compatible up to 40% O2 when new


What’s in the box: 

  • Limited Edition Leg3nd Elite first and second stage scuba regulator
  • Special Regulator Carrying Bag
  • Metal card indicating regulator of the 960 you’ve received  

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