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Here is where it all began back in 1984, and although there may be many other SCUBA dive shops in the Florida Keys, none compare with this Divers Direct Super Store. We have thousands of items to fit your snorkeling and diving equipment needs. From a wide range of diving regulators, masks, buoyancy compensators, and SCUBA suits to specialty items and full SCUBA packages. This Dive Shop is the largest and friendliest of all dive stores in the area, no wonder we have been the favorite Florida Keys dive shop for many years. You won't find all this excellence in other shops in Key Largo. We're your one-stop shop to get you in the water! Visit us today…

Divers Direct Key Largo's Services

  • Air Tank Fills - Our scuba shop has the capabilities to accommodate your air fill needs. Divers Direct always requires a c-card be presented for each diver receiving fills.
  • SCUBA Gear - We offer top brands at great prices. From high tech SCUBA diving gear to very basic snorkel gear, we have products to fit every need.
  • Beach Wear - Whether you are on a much needed vacation or you are a long time native we have a variety of beach wear that will appeal to you. From swim suits and board shorts to tropical casual wear, we have the latest fashions.
  • Key Largo Information - Key Largo, the northernmost island of the Florida Keys, is known as the SCUBA diving capital of the world. It is a hot spot for vacationers who are looking to relax and perhaps get in the water and enjoy our great underwater attractions. With average water temperatures of 79°F it is truly a paradise for SCUBA diving. While in the waters of Key Largo, SCUBA divers and snorkelers will discover hundreds of different species of fish and more than fifty types of coral making up the reef ecosystem.

Key Largo Area Attractions

  • Dolphins Cove - allows you to spend some time interacting with Dolphins in a natural lagoon.
  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - America´s first undersea park was established in 1960. This Coral Reef State Park consists of 70 nautical square miles of beautiful coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove forest. John Pennekamp was created in order to protect the only living coral reefs in the continental United States.
  • African Queen - Cruises are available on the original boat "The African Queen" that was used in the filming of the movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.

Key Largo SCUBA Diving

They call us the dive capital of the world because diving here is unique. Key Largo is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, location of the famous Christ of the Abyss Statue. Diving in Key Largo is year round with water temperatures varying from 85 degrees in the summer to about 73 degrees in the winter. Depending on your personal cold tolerance, a recommended SCUBA wetsuit would be a full length rashguard/skin to a 3mm shorty wetsuit in the summer, and a 3mm jumpsuit to a 5mm jumpsuit in the winter. Please contact Divers Direct Key Largo or stop by to visit us for more information regarding water temperature, dive conditions and weather. If you are planning a SCUBA diving trip to Key Largo,the following are popular dive sites:

  • Popular Reef Dives - Molasses and The Elbow, and French.
  • Popular Night Dive - The Benwood Wreck and the reefs.
  • Popular Wreck Dives - Spiegel Grove and The Duane.
  • Other Notable Dives - Christ Of The Abyss Statue.
  • Molasses Reef - Molasses Reef ranges in depth from 10-90 ft. and is known for large coral heads and spur and groove formations. From large animals, including permits, spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks to long coral and sponge-covered ledges, this reef never disappoints. This area is recommended for all levels of divers, as well as confident snorkelers. When a current is running at Molasses Reef it’s usually strongest at the South end. Watch the way the water flows past your boat as you are mooring, and use caution if you detect a strong current.
  • The Elbow Reef - The depth range is 15 – 85 ft. The Elbow Reef sits a bit out of line from the rest of the reefs in Key Largo. The first benefit to this, is that Elbow Reef is in the clear, blue waters where the Gulf Stream shifts closer to Florida. As a result of this, the Elbow nearly always has good visibility. Queen, French and gray angelfish frequent the area. You will also see prominent coral ridges, sand channels and lower-profile star and brain corals.
  • The Benwood Wreck - The depth range is 25 – 45 ft. The Benwood sank during WWII while running without navigation lights, as required at the time due to the possibility of attack by German submarines. The Benwood's bow smashed into the port side of the Robert C. Tuttle, a 544ft tanker. The Benwood ship sank just short of the shallow reefs. After rescuing the crew of the Benwood, the Tuttle made it safely to port. Over the years the Benwood was intentionally demolished as a hazard to navigation. All that remains is the intact bow section, the bottom of the hull and scattered metal plating. This allows for a very fishy sanctuary. This wreck is ideal for a night dive because the reds, yellows, and purples of the encrusting sponges and corals come alive under the beam of dive lights. This is also an ideal night dive for macro photographers. The Benwood is also an excellent first wreck dive.
  • Spiegel Grove Wreck - The depth range is 50 – 130 ft and is rated for advanced divers. The Speigel Grove Wreck was intentionally sunk in 2002. The plan was to sink it right side up. However, the Speigel Grove prematurely began to sink, rolled over, and remained upside down for several days with her bow protruding from the water. Since its original sinking, the Spiegel Grove has changed positions. Thanks to the assistance of Hurricane Dennis and strong currents, this massive wreck is now sitting right side up as originally planned. Divers can expect to see algae, sponges and coral mingle with 130 species of fish to create enormous biodiversity in this region. Divers may also see Goliath Grouper, barracuda, large jacks, and a large colony of gobies. This dive is not to be missed!
  • The Duane Wreck - The depth range is 50 – 115 ft. The Duane served as a convoy escort in the north Atlantic during the early part of WWII. In 1942, she rescued 229 people when the troop carrying passenger ship SS Dorchester was torpedoed by the German submarine U-233. The Duane was decommissioned in 1985, and intentionally sunk in 1987. This is considered an advanced dive due to the fact that this wreck is resting in deep water that is frequently swept by strong currents. Use caution as air and bottom time can be used up quickly when exploring this wreck. The Duane has a sister ship, Bibb, sunk nearby on her side.
  • Christ Of The Abyss - This famed bronze statue rises so close to the water´s surface that it can be easily viewed by snorkelers as well as divers. The statue is nestled between the coral formations of Key Largo Dry Rocks reef in just 25 feet of water.

There are many SCUBA dive shops in Key Largo to choose from. Choose Divers Direct for a great selection, great prices, and great customer service. We are conveniently located on Overseas Highway in the heart of Key Largo.