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Get Scuba Certified in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime in Fort Lauderdale? May we suggest a lifetime of adventures instead? Here at Divers Direct, our dive professionals are ready to assist and train you in everything you need to know. When you complete the course, you’ll walk out with your certification. Founded in 1984, the Divers Direct family has always put safety first and figured out a way to have fun too. Still owned and operated by that same family, we at Divers Direct would be honored to teach you what we know.

Because we are customer focused, we’re here to help with your gear too. Our gear experts listen and help you find the gear you need. Being the largest dive shop in Fort Lauderdale, we like to make it easy so you spend more time having fun. Besides, with over 36 years in the industry, we might know a few good dive spots and dive boats. Some of the best dive spots are right off the beach in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Soon you’ll look forward to the captain saying, “Dive, dive, dive” and we’re thrilled to partner with you as you start your lifetime of adventures.

Michael Farrada

Michael Farrada

My experience and genuine wish as an instructor is to enrich the knowledge of new and experienced divers. I was born in Cienfuegos City Cuba, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, and from an early age I was passionate about the sea. It’s one of the greatest wonders of the world, stories about pirates who had been there in the eighteenth century and sunken treasure at the bottom of the sea, made my imagination run wild. I always had a mask and snorkel in hand to find treasure but never did, until the day I realized that the real treasure was in front of me the entire time. The coral reef and it’s wonderful colors and shapes, whimsical plants, and tons of different animals, now that a treasure every human should experience.

With substantial experience diving in Cuba and the USA, I understand that the needs of divers varies greatly, I deliver a personalized service and look forward to getting to know you!

Michael Farrada
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