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EVO wetsuit and EVO rash guard technology

EVO scuba diving gear truly represents an evolution in the industry. Every EVO wetsuit and rash guard comes from a process of evaluating the latest developments in scuba gear technology, harnessing what works, and discarding the rest. EVO gear offers the latest generation of effective materials and designs, efficiently manufactured with the most stringent quality assurance. The result: world-class gear at great pricing. EVO gear doesn't compromise: it's equipment that's absolutely dependable and reliable, in addition to being affordable.

What makes an EVO wetsuit great?

EVO wetsuit technology is constantly changing to improve the water experience. Just a few innovations incorporated into most EVO wetsuit designs include:

  • A warmer wetsuit - high-tech wetsuit linings now trap heat better than ever using smart fibers to trap body heat and recycle it into infrared energy that's directed back into the body
  • Quicker drying - a variety of specialty fabrics now enable your EVO wetsuit to dry faster once you're out of the water
  • Hydrodynamic designs - the latest generation of EVO wetsuit designs incorporates design techniques adapted from aquatic animals to reduce drag and help you move more easily and feel truly at home under water
  • Ergonomic, body-friendly fit - gone are the days when you had to fit your body into your wetsuit! Your EVO wetsuit has been shaped and created with truly ergonomic seams and patterns, so you won't find an annoying seam or unexpected bunching up. Your EVO wetsuit just fits like a second skin.

Why an EVO rash guard?

Your EVO rash guard is a super-lightweight garment that protects your skin from sun like a brick wall. A rash guard also defeats chafing and sheds stings from unfriendly sea life. A rash guard is also called a surf top, a rashie, a sun shirt, or a swim shirt. Whatever you decide to call them, they do the same work: keep your skin from turning purple from sunburn or stings or abrasions, even when you spend all day in the ocean.

Some divers wear a rash guard under their wetsuit (instead of a dive skin).

Whatever your exposure protection needs, whether you snorkel or scuba dive or jet-ski or paddleboard or kayak or wakeboard or freedive or spearfish (whew! is that everyone?), there's an EVO wetsuit or an EVO rash guard that'll help keep you protected and comfortable in the water.

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