EVO Snorkeling Gear

EVO snorkeling gear: the next evolution of snorkeling gear is here!

EVO snorkeling gear makes underwater exploration easier and more exciting than ever. There's quite a variety of EVO snorkeling gear to choose from, so we'll hit the highlights and give you some guidance on choosing the gear you'll need for maximum adventure potential.

Top-selling EVO snorkel gear: HD mask and snorkel combo - truly unbelievable clarity. Remember the first time you saw a plasma TV and thought, Woah I didn't know Jeopardy! could look like that? That's how much sharper, clearer, and just plain better this mask makes the view underwater. Laminated lens features an outer layer tuned to pick up the warmer end of the visible spectrum, which reduces glare, helps define faint edges, diminishes blur, and gives you better depth perception. An internal layer of one-way silver enhances ambient light and sharpens contrast so fish, corals, and other sea life pop like you won't believe. One of the only times we've ever heard people try to say "Wow!" with a snorkel in their mouth... Mask fits great for most adults.

Recommended EVO snorkeling gear set for kids: EVO Snorkeling Gear Set Junior - features a two-lens mask with buckles on the frame, so you can put it on or take it off without screams or tears; a dry snorkel that does a great job of eliminating sputtering; a pair of Deep See Junior fins that help your little one swim like a mermaid; and a mesh gear bag so they can help out by carrying their own gear. This incredibly popular snorkel gear set has the power to make a child put down their iPad, go outside, and have a mind-blowing experience underwater.

EVO snorkeling mask for those who want to see everything: EVO Tibguron+ 3-Lens Panoramic Mask - incredibly wide visual field. Wraparound design features a large main lens and a pair of smaller side lenses for peripheral vision (remember that?). Ultra clear lenses are impact-resistant, optical-quality tempered glass for exceptional light transmission without color distortion.

EVO snorkeling gear - always more to explore

We're lucky enough to be based in South Florida, snorkeling capital of the USA. We test out every piece of kit before we put it on the store shelves and we're here to tell you EVO snorkeling gear is some of the best. Check out the full range of EVO snorkeling masks, snorkel fins, and don't forget your snorkel!

EVO snorkeling gear for everyone, from children to adults eager to re-experience the childlike wonder of exploring underwater. Don't wait - start your adventure today!

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