Aqua Lung Regulator

Modern Aqualung regulator lines

Aqualung regulatorAqua Lung and the regulator share a long, rich, and storied history. The first aqualung regulator marked the beginning of recreational scuba diving. Since then, Aqua Lung regulators have offered divers ease of use, natural breathing, and superior performance. Whether you're a scuba noob or a veteran of 1000 dives, there's an Aqua Lung regulator that will meet your needs. You can rely on Aqua Lung to deliver a reg that keeps you comfortable and safe. They don't just make regulators, though - Aqua Lung scuba gear is solid, reliable, and trusted by pro divers around the world.

Aqua Lung regulator models - cheat sheet

Here's a brief summary of the highlights of each of the current reg designs:

Aqualung Legend regulator - overbalanced diaphragm designed to provide excellent breathing performance; auto-closure device that prevents water or silt from entering first stage; range of models for a variety of needs, including cold-water diving

Aqualung Core regulator - better breathing at an affordable price

Aqualung Core Supreme regulator - affordable, efficient, and voted ScubaLab 2015 Tester’s Choice for year's best regulator

Aqualung Mikron regulator - lightweight, compact, designed for travel. Balanced and designed for comfort and ease of use.

Aqualung Titan regulator - rugged and comfortable to use

Aqualung Calypso regulator - A simple, robust, and reliable design ideal for new scuba divers

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