Performance Fishing Shirts & UPF Sun Shirts

What's a performance fishing shirt?

Sun shirts, or performance fishing shirts, are your go-to gear for a day on the boat or the pier. Here are the characteristics that separate a performance fishing shirt from the rest of your wardrobe:

Lightweight, quick-drying fabric - when you're spending hours in the sun, you appreciate how refreshing even the faintest whisper of a breeze feels. Performance shirts are made of supremely lightweight fabrics that wick away perspiration, dry quickly, and don't weigh you down. They're wicked soft, too, and feel good on the skin.

UV protection - despite its light weight, the fabrics used block sun like a brick wall with UPF ratings ranging from 30-50. Fish all day long without sunburn!

Antimicrobial - most performance fishing shirts incorporate antimicrobial technology to help keep you from smelling like you've spent all day sweating in the sun.

Styling - most performance shirts are long-sleeved to prevent sunburns on your arms, too. Some incorporate hoods to shade and protect your head and the back of your neck from the sun. A few have vents to aid in air circulation, but most don't - they just aren't necessary with modern, lightweight fabrics.

Performance watersports shirts keep you cool and protected even when you're out from dawn to sundown under the August sun. Ideal for fishing, boating, and everything you do by the water. We also wear them when hiking, mowing the lawn, changing the sparkplugs on the outboard motor, playing basketball, and -- well, you get the idea.