YETI Coolers & Accessories

YETI coolers were invented by two brothers, serious outdoors enthusiasts, who were tired of broken handles, snapped latches, and caved-in lids from subpar coolers. They found their adventures limited by the speed their ice melted. In 2006, they founded YETI Coolers with a simple mission: to build the cooler they'd use, every day, if it existed - that could take the abuse they knew first-hand an avid outdoor adventurer would put it through. Today, thanks to YETI coolers and YETI accessories like the Rambler line of bottles and mugs, you can enjoy simple pleasures whether you're 1500 miles out to sea or 1500 miles past the last stoplight.

"YETI represents the yardstick by which all other outdoor products are measured."
Flip Pallot, Angler and YETI Fishing Ambassador

Who are YETI coolers and YETI accessories for?

You might've heard YETI coolers are grizzly bear-proof. Granted, this isn't a concern that comes up much here in Dania Beach. Some of our guests aren't sure why YETI coolers and YETI accessories are worth the price. We don't tell them it's to keep their catch safe from grizzlies. Instead, we tell them about the time a friend drove away from the beach with his YETI Tundra cooler still sitting on the roof of his Jeep Cherokee - and, when it fell off and tumbled onto the road, it was scuffed and scraped and otherwise perfectly fine.

We tell them about the local marine biology departments who purchase YETI coolers half-a-dozen at a time, because they need to make sure the specimens they collect stay cold even when they're out doing science for a three-day weekend.

You can use your YETI cooler as a camp chair, a stepstool, a flotation device (don't ask) - and most of all, you can use it to keep your cold things cold for longer than anything else.