Spacefish Army

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Morgan, the founder of Spacefish Army, once explored the concrete jungles of New York and the fast-paced life of designing for a major fashion company, but once she started to explore the wilderness of the water, it would call her away from the sounds and sights of the city and back to the sea more and more frequently. She eventually sold everything she owned and left her career to pursue her newfound passion in the world of diving. She traveled the world to exotic locations and received her Instructor training, but she wanted to bring more to the diving community and to ocean conservation. As a stroke of inspiration, Morgan married her knowledge of fashion with her love for diving, and Spacefish Army was born. Not only did she want to bring aquatic-inspired apparel to divers, surfers, and all other ocean adventurers, she wanted them to have clothing they could wear in and out of the water and feel good about buying. Morgan donates 10% of all proceeds to ocean conservation organizations like the Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective to help further marine research.