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Created in 1993, SeaLife Cameras, Lights and Accessories revolutionized the underwater photography market with the introduction of the world's first commercially available underwater digital camera. Whether you're snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving or just in the water, SeaLife focuses entirely on snapping the best underwater moments in the simplest way possible.

SeaLife works to capture your memories with the best quality. Because of that, SeaLife works to innovate its products and to offer the most consistent results, even in extreme conditions. The SeaLife cameras are the only truly expendable camera system that allows you to modify your setting to fit your environment. Today, SeaLife offers a variety of accessories for your camera and adventures.

Impeccable Underwater Memories with SeaLife

SeaLife consists of two cameras: the SeaLife DC2000, and the compact and sealed SeaLife Micron 2.0. The SeaLife DC2000 offers a large SONY 20MP 1″ image sensor, full manual controls, RAW imaging, and HD video performance so you can modify your settings to achieve what you desire. If you want to just jump in and shoot, the SeaLife Micron 2.0 is for you. Regardless which one, SeaLife gives you the best quality underwater. Dive into the Richelieu Rock in Thailand, a famous sightseeing to take Macro photography and see whale sharks, jackass, barracuda, and batfish. Or stay local with Divers Direct and explore the French Reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, where you can take pictures of stunning coral and brain coral that covers the area of the reef.

SeaLife Cameras & Accessories

Divers Direct offers a wide range of SeaLife cameras and accessories such as Cameras and CamcordersUnderwater LightingPhoto and Video Accessories, and more.

Shoot with SeaLife

SeaLife is consistently testing their products to innovate and deliver the best equipment possible. Through its partnerships, SeaLife continues to find ways to get more people in the water in order to nurture love and appreciation for the ocean. Shop for cameras, accessories, and more.