Mares Scuba Gear: Diving Computers, Fins, BCDs, Masks, and More

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Mares scuba diving gear was created in 1949 to bring Italian exceptionalism to the sea. Mares has turned an innate passion into a state-of-the-art product line that continues to set new industry standards. People all over the world trust Mares diving equipment with their lives, dive after dive.

Ludovico Mares started Mares in Rapallo, Italy, creating spearguns and diving masks for local spearos and scallop harvesters. Working closely with a demanding clientele helped Mares innovate rapidly, creating and testing designs on an almost daily basis before settling on designs that delighted his hardworking customers. Today, Mares creates world-class masks, fins, regulators, BCDs, dive computers, and virtually everything a scuba diver needs. Their continued commitment to excellence is why Divers Direct is proud to be an authorized Mares seller, and to offer Mares diving equipment and accessories to our fellow divers.

Mares Scuba Reveals the Undersea World

Mares takes scuba diving equipment to the next level by offering a full spectrum of scuba diving gear for your next adventure. Explore our wide range of Mares products that allow diving in any underwater environment. With Mares equipment, you can discover the biggest underwater caves on the planet located in Tulum, Mexico, or track the great barrier reef off the coast in Australia. Explore shipwrecks near the Hawaiian Islands, or find the SS Yongala sunk during a tropical cyclone and discovered later by two divers in the late 1950s. If you’re searching for an underwater adventure, Mares scuba has everything you need to create an everlasting memory.

Mares Scuba Diving Gear & Accessories

Great Equipment and water are all you need to dive into your next scuba diving journey. “Just add water” (Mares' tagline) and Mares scuba equipment to begin satisfying your imagination. Mares believes in their equipment, and they stand by their history of scuba diving excellence. We believe in Mares and invite everyone to explore Mares right here at Shop for a Mares BC, regulator, mask and more today!