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EVO scuba gear has arrived! From wetsuits to masks and fins, EVO gear constantly pushes the boundaries of quality and cost. EVO gear provides the discriminating diver cutting-edge products at affordable prices for watersports enthusiasts of skill levels. EVO represents what we think of as the second wave of scuba gear manufacturers: instead of starting as a hobby a century ago, EVO gear results from the latest innovations in materials science and manufacturing best practices to produce world-class gear at a price that will make you smile.
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EVO Gear: Uncompromising Quality, Affordable Pricing

"Work Smarter, Not Harder" might be the EVO motto. EVO gear comes from a process of evaluating the latest developments in scuba gear technology, harnessing what works, and discarding the rest. EVO gear offers the latest generation of effective materials and designs, efficiently manufactured with the most stringent quality assurance. The result: world-class gear at great pricing. EVO gear doesn't compromise: it's equipment that's absolutely dependable and reliable, in addition to being affordable. 

Hottest EVO Gear at Divers Direct

At Divers Direct we sell hundreds of EVO wetsuits every week, in adult and childrens' sizes. Snorkelers find the EVO Hi Definition Mask & Snorkel Combo gives them an even better view of the underwater world. The Tiburon+ 3-Lens Panoramic Mask delights spearos with its incredibly wide view. 

These are just a few of the outstanding EVO gear offerings. In a month or two, the engineers at EVO are sure to come up with something new, amazing, and affordable. 

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