What’s So Great About Florida?


As far as states go, Florida is definitely one of the most famous. And while there are many reasons for its fame (and infamy), really, what’s so great about Florida? Well, we could go on and on about Florida’s amazingness and why Florida locals have such state pride, but to keep our ramblings more focused, we’re going to tell you why Florida is so great, especially for scuba divers and water enthusiasts of all kinds! So, we ask again, what’s so great about Florida?

First of all…

We’re third! The third largest barrier reef in the world, that is. Florida’s coral reef system is estimated to be about 7,000 years old, allowing for the time to grow and wind its way across nearly 360 linear miles off the coastline. It also just so happens to be the only barrier reef in the United States! This massive show of thriving sea life spans from around the Dry Tortugas National Park (which lies roughly 70 miles west of Key West) and sweeps around the Southeast curve of the state all the way up to the Kristin Jacobs Coral Reef Ecosystem around Jupiter (the city in Florida, that is, not the planet. Our reef isn’t that big!). All that reef is teeming with diversity of life, which brings us to our next point of Florida awesomeness.

Florida Can Get Pretty Wild!

Florida’s wildlife and natural habitats are treasured by most all Floridians. We tend to fiercely protect our beaches and waters and forests and all their inhabitants—even when they wander out of their backyards and into ours! Florida is well known for its wildlife, and that’s probably because there’s so much of it! With more than 1,000 species of saltwater fish (not including other aquatic and marine vertebrates and invertebrates), more than 200 species of freshwater fish, and 700 species of terrestrial animals, you’ll be surrounded by wildlife whether you’re off diving or enjoying some surface interval time.

Dive Back In Time

Scuba diving around a sunken ship is a unique experience—one that can make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world and another time. Lucky for Florida divers, the state has around 5,000 shipwrecks to explore! While Florida’s barrier reef is a natural wonder, all that natural reef is accompanied by artificial reefs that bolster the strength and vitality of our sea life. Some have been intentionally sent to the seafloor to become a reef and some were unintentional, as is often the way of the sea and those who travel it. So explore some human history underwater at plenty of amazing Florida wreck dives sites.

Eternal Summer

Sure, Florida gets the occasional “cold front,” but snow shoveling? Dry suits? No, no. We’re not known for our eternal summer for nothing. Sure, North Florida can get a little chilly in the winters, but scoot a little further down to South Florida and you’ll find warm waters, sunny skies, and flip flop weather nearly any day of the year. Imagine jumping into the ocean in the middle of January with 72-degree water and great visibility. Or maybe you go diving in the summer in the freedom of just a rashguard and boardshorts in 86-degree waters. Basically, no matter when you book a trip to Florida, there are high odds for amazing beach and dive conditions!


The diversity of dive sites here in Florida is simply unbeatable. There are hundreds of miles of reef to explore, both in the form of natural reefs and artificial reefs. There are roughly 1,000 freshwater springs throughout Florida, consistently pumping out 72-degree crystal clear water. The abundance of shallow water dives for divers of all levels is well matched by the abundance of deep dive sites and experiences for advanced divers. So from 1 meter to 100 meters to the ocean to springs to lakes, scuba diving in Florida really has a little something for everyone.

Abundance of Dive Buddies

As you’ve just read, Florida diving is pretty incredible. With all that incredible diving comes loads of cool and curious divers. That being said, you’ll be constantly surrounded by dive buddies ready to get in the water and explore with you! From North Florida to South Florida, from the coastline to the center, Florida’s diving community is huge, still growing, and warmly welcoming. Just another reason Florida is pretty darn great!

So, you want to know what’s so great about diving in Florida?! Only everything! It’s diverse in dive sites and wildlife. It’s fairly consistent in good weather and great waters. Its natural reef formation is one of the largest in the world and abundant in unique sites and friendly divers to explore them. So come on down year round to one of the greatest places to scuba dive in the world—Florida!


Where are the best dive spots in Florida? 

While there’s hardly a bad place to go diving in Florida (in saltwater or freshwater), there are certainly a few stars. Blue Heron Bridge is a beautiful adventure for divers of all levels. The Oriskany is ideal for a historical dive in North Florida. John Pennekamp State Park, Spiegel Grove, and the Dry Tortugas National Park are favorites amongst the Keys. Ginnie Springs, Devil’s Den, and Crystal River are some top freshwater dives in the states. These are just a few of the many dive spots in Florida! 

Is Florida the best place to dive in the US? 

While technically that’s subjective, it’s hard to deny that Florida is the best state to go diving in the United States. Between Florida’s barrier reef system (again, the only barrier reef in the States) and diversity of diving amongst fresh and saltwater locations, we may just take the cake. Even still, dive here, dive there, dive everywhere!   

How many freshwater springs are in Florida? 

There are around 1,000 natural springs in Florida. That’s a lot of crystal clear freshwater to dive into! 

Can you get a scuba certification in Florida? 

Not only can you get scuba certified in Florida, you can get scuba certified right here at Divers Direct! If you’re not around Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, there are plenty of places to get your certification, both your open water, advanced open water, and other specialties.