Staff Pick: Brownie’s VS Sea Lion 3.0


If you haven’t tried tankless diving, check out why the Brownie’s VS Sea Lion 3.0 is one of Ralph’s favorite ways to dive. Great for the whole family, the compact design makes it ideal for beach and boat dives.

Brownie’s VS Sea Lion 3.0 FAQs

Is Tankless Diving safe?

It’s just as safe as Scuba Diving. With Brownie’s you’re getting 50+ years experience manufacturing gas powered systems so they have it dialed in and the battery powered unit offers even more peace of mind.

Why not use individual hoses directly from the unit for each diver?

Drag and weight. With the single downline, you have less drag in the water which means you don’t have to work as hard to get around down there. Additionally, with the individual hoses being shorter, you’re getting the benefit of less weight to carry.

Do I have to be certified to dive a Brownie’s?

Yes. And with your Brownie’s purchase, you get a FREE comprehensive 3 hour on-line training course that covers the physics and physiology of diving.  Safety first.

Who would use a Brownie’s?

Literally everyone. Scuba divers, snorkelers looking to explore a bit deeper, young, and old alike love the freedom and ease of movement with the tankless diving unit. Besides, it's a lot less gear to store, transport, and haul in and out of the water.

Would a Brownie’s VS Sea Lion make sense on a boat?

Absolutely. The compact design coupled with the fact that you can host multiple (up to 3-4) divers at a time on one unit makes this ideal for boat owners. Just compare the number of tanks, BCDs, and regulators you’d have to accomodate. And if you have to go down to check something on the bottom of your boat (or to get an anchor unstuck), this unit becomes a necessary tool for any boat owner. We can justify just about any purchase, give us a call.

What if I want to bring along a backup just in case?

We highly recommend a backup at all times. You can rig a pony bottle or pick up one of the Spare Air models for a backup.