Staff Pick: Faber Steel FX Steel Cylinders


Ever consider buying a steel tank instead of the standard aluminum ones? Check out the video on why the Faber Blue Steel FX Steel Cylinders are Ralph’s favorite. These tanks feature a more compact design and negative buoyancy. It’s a win-win.

Faber Blue Steel FX Steel Cylinders FAQs

Can I use Nitrox in my steel tank?

Yes. The Faber Blue Steel FX Steel Scuba Tank is ready for Nitrox mixes up to 40%.

How does the tank’s negative buoyancy help me?

Because the steel tank weighs more than the aluminum one, it allows you to dive with less weight.

Is the Steel 80 really better for smaller people?

Yes. It’s shorter so when you don your BC with this tank on it, you’re not constantly hitting the back of your legs on the tank or banging your head on the connector. 

Because it’s steel, it’s rust-proof, right?

No. It is resistant to rust and with the finish, you’ve got extra protection. However, you want to remove the boot and rinse the outside of your tanks after every dive with fresh water to extend their lives. Additionally, you want to leave a little air in the tank(s) with the valve fully closed to prevent interior rust as well. Always make certain your tanks are within their Hydro and VIP.