New Year Resolutions for Scuba Divers


The New Year is the start of a new chapter! Whether you’re a land dweller interested in scuba diving or a frogman with no aquatic resolutions (yet), here are 5 resolutions to get your ship on the right path for the year 2024. 

Dive Dive Dive

If you are not open-water certified, there is no better time to start scuba diving than now. After getting certified, you’ll want the same thing every other scuba diver wants…and that is to dive more! Not only is scuba diving fun but the more you dive the better your skills develop through experience. For an obtainable resolution, we recommend diving once a month. If you go on a two-tank dive every time, by the end of the year you should reach 24 dives. Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater, dive charter or shore dive, there is a vast blue world out there to discover.

And if you wish to expand your underwater expedition, try planning a dive trip in international waters. Whether you decide to explore the Caribbean or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you’ll get a completely different perspective on scuba diving. After all, the Earth is 71% water; so, make it a resolution in the new year to dive more!

Get Others to Take the Plunge

Did you know that some people live their entire lives bound to only 29% of the Earth? When it comes to scuba diving, unless someone is advocating for the sport, many people don’t give it a thought. What better way to share your passion in the New Year than by introducing your loved ones to the wonders that lie beneath the sea? Not only will this amazing hobby bring your friends and family closer but it's an opportunity for others to try something new and exciting. As a bonus, you’ll have more dive buddies to go on underwater adventures with!  Why settle for seeing fish through the glass at a crowded aquarium, when you can witness the beauty of the sea firsthand? Make it a resolution to introduce scuba diving to at least one family member or friend, that way you’ll always have a buddy to dive with. Here at Divers Direct, our affiliated instructors who will gladly teach those willing to take the plunge. 

Unlock New Depths

If you’d like to spice up your scuba diving experience, have you thought about taking a specialized course? From advanced open water to stress and rescue to dive master, with each course, you’ll increase your skills, gain confidence, and experience a deeper connection with the ocean. 

Getting your Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification allows you to dive deeper into the world of scuba diving, figuratively and physically.  You’ll learn how to safely and comfortably dive to depths of 30 meters (100 feet) compared to the entry-level Open Water certification depth limit of 18 meters (60 feet). You’ll also be shown and taught the aspects of a deep dive, a wreck dive, and a night dive. This course is a must! The Stress and Rescue Specialty Course is necessary to become a divemaster. This course teaches the skills you need to protect yourself and other divers from preventable accidents and emergencies, you’ll kind of be like an underwater superhero… like Aquaman! Lastly, becoming a divemaster will open up career paths involving scuba diving. You’ll be qualified to safely lead certified divers on underwater expeditions in various environments and conditions. Create some waves in 2024 by taking the next step in your scuba diving journey.

Become an Environmental Warrior 

This resolution is more for the planet than for yourself. If you don’t already, try adopting some eco-friendly habits to make a positive impact starting in 2024 and beyond. From joining volunteer events to individual actions, the difference you make affects both the world and your sense of fulfillment. Using a reusable water bottle, choosing reef-safe sunscreen, and actively recycling are small individual actions that have significant environmental benefits. If you want to volunteer, beach clean-ups are very common and are a great place to start. Another volunteer opportunity is working with coral restoration organizations. The Coral Restoration Foundation needs recreational divers to help with nursery work, outplanting on the reef, and monitoring the health of corals. It is an ideal chance for divers to get involved and make a physical difference. It's never too late to help the environment and there is no better time to start than the beginning of the New Year.

Learn more

If you want a resolution that is bound to benefit you throughout your scuba life, make it a mission to become more knowledgeable on the common sealife you encounter. Imagine being able to distinguish the many fish and coral you see underwater, this will not only make you more knowledgeable but also deepen your connection with the ocean and its inhabitants. If interested, get an underwater camera to capture the beauty of the underwater world. It's a creative way to help you become more aware of different species and improve your diving experience, creating lasting memories of your dives.

Happy Diving

In a nutshell, as we step into the new year, it's a prime opportunity to chart our course with some awesome resolutions. If you're aiming to be a top-notch diver, there's just one thing to do – dive, dive, dive! And why not make a splash with your loved one by introducing them to the wonders of scuba? It's a double win, you get a dive buddy and a deeper connection. To crank up the excitement, consider taking another dive course. It's like unlocking new levels in the world of scuba, bringing fresh thrills to your underwater adventures.

Divers see the impact of litter firsthand so it's time to become an eco-warrior. From small personal efforts to volunteering, every action counts. Not only are you helping the planet, but it's also a soul-satisfying journey. Lastly, the more you know about the marine life you encounter, the richer your diving experience becomes.

With these five resolutions, any ocean enthusiast is set for a fantastic journey to paradise. From the entire team at Divers Direct, we wish you nothing but the best for 2024 and beyond. Happy Diving!


Is it common for scuba divers to celebrate the New Year underwater?

While it's not the most common tradition, some dive resorts organize special New Year's Eve underwater events for divers who want to welcome the new year beneath the surface.

Can I use fireworks or other pyrotechnics underwater while scuba diving to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Absolutely not. The use of fireworks or any pyrotechnics underwater poses a significant safety risk and is strictly prohibited. Divers should prioritize safety and environmental conservation.

How can I make my New Year's dive more festive?

Consider diving with themed gear or accessories, organizing an underwater countdown with fellow divers, or participating in any special events organized by dive centers for the occasion.

Can I make New Year's resolutions related to scuba diving?

Certainly! Setting resolutions for diving, such as improving skills, exploring new dive sites, or participating in environmental initiatives, can be a great way to start the year with goals for personal and diving development.

Are there any superstitions or traditions related to scuba diving and the New Year?

Some divers believe in starting the year with a "lucky" dive, while others may have personal rituals or traditions. It's a personal choice, and divers should prioritize safety and enjoyment.