Giving Tuesday - Doing Good In Our Neighborhoods


Happy Giving Tuesday, everyone! This amazing holiday is an incredibly meaningful day of selfless giving. Whether you’re giving to others individually, giving back to your community, or offering time and effort to support the environment, there are a myriad of ways to participate in this day of service. Giving Tuesday began as a movement to encourage people to give back to their communities. Today, companies and individuals all over the world participate by donating time, money, and resources to help improve their communities and the environment. Here are some great giving companies that we carry and support and also some fun ways that you can jump in and help out.

How Does Divers Direct Give Back?

Divers Direct has a long-standing history of investing in our communities, one of our core values. From being part of the Spiegel Grove artificial reef project to our staff’s volunteer efforts in the community, even down to the brands we partner with, Divers Direct takes pride in the way we choose to do business and our positive impact on the communities we work and play in.

Some of the giving that Divers Direct participates in year round includes financial support for coral restoration in the Florida Keys, SCUBA instruction to financially disadvantaged youth in Central Florida, and free medical care for foster children in Broward County.

We like to work with other companies that hold similar values and many of the brands we partner with have programs in place that invest in our environment and communities. For today, though, we will focus on Toadfish Outfitters, MANG, 4Ocean, and Fahlo

What’s Toadfish Outfitters Up To?

With Toadfish Outfitters, a portion of every sale goes back to ensuring sustainable ecosystems. Their Put ‘Em Back™ movement is intended to restore the damage we impose on our oceans and marine life through everyday activities. Working to restore, preserve, and protect our ecosystems, Toadfish Outfitters is a prime example of what Giving Tuesday is all about and part of why we proudly sell their products at Divers Direct. 

How Is MANG Helping?

For each item you buy from the MANG collection, one mangrove is planted and that’s a part of why we’re proud to carry their collection in our stores.  Buy One, Plant One is their motto as MANG understands that mangroves work to filter the water they live in and provide habitats for young aquatic creatures, among other benefits. Giving back to and protecting the environment is a strong investment in our community and we appreciate, applaud, and support their efforts. Way to make Giving Tuesday a year-round thing MANG.

Can We Get The 411 On 4Ocean?

Absolutely, every 4Ocean bracelet sold results in one pound of trash being removed from our waterways. Now that’s investment in our communities and our waterways all rolled into one. Additionally, 4Ocean participates in 1% for the Planet so take additional comfort in knowing that they give 1% of their sales back to the environment. Proud to support their efforts, we offer a selection of 4Ocean bracelets in our stores and online.

What Is Fahlo All About?

Bringing conservation directly to you and your computer or phone, when you purchase a Fahlo bracelet, you’ll get information on how to track and follow that animal. Currently partnering with organizations that work to protect Sea Turtles, Elephants, Polar Bears, Orcas, and Sharks, Fahlo gives back to and works to save wildlife. Leveling up conservation, Divers Direct is proud to carry Fahlo bracelets.

What Can You Do?

Your purchases of the brands listed above allows you to support their efforts while racking up some awesome gear and clothing. If that’s not enough, there are a plethora of things you can do to give back to your community. To celebrate Giving Tuesday, check out their list of ideas on How To Participate. It can be as simple as making a purchase or as complicated as organizing an event in your area. Up to you.

One Last Thing

We embrace Giving Tuesday and encourage our staff, business partners, and customers to do their part in giving back to our communities. Together we are stronger. The above is just a sampling of the brands we partner with that are making a commitment to, investment in, or giving back to our communities. Many of the brands we carry are committed to the environment and our communities. 

We hope you’re inspired to do something new or different for Giving Tuesday, even if it’s as simple as purchasing the brands that are committed to making a difference in our communities locally and around the globe.