A Guide to EVO Masks


EVO Masks are crafted from high-quality materials and are meticulously designed to offer superior performance and comfort.  But how do you know which EVO scuba mask is right for your needs and activities? Check out the comparison grid below for the various mask options and their features. Whether it's snorkeling, scuba diving, or freediving, EVO is your go-to for the whole family.

How Are EVO Masks Different?

You may be looking at the incredible selection of EVO dive masks and think, “They’re all so different. Which one is for me?” Don’t worry, friends, we’re going to go over the differences between our current selection of EVO masks and which mask may suit which activity and why. 

First let’s go over the most obvious differences between the eight masks—some feature opaque (usually dark in color) skirts and some feature clear skirts. The purpose of a dive mask’s skirt is to provide a watertight seal around the face, so why does the color matter? Clear skirts allow more light to reach the eyes. This is a great feature if you tend to explore murkier or darker waters or if you’re more prone to feeling uncomfortable in small spaces. The darker skirts are often used by photographers or people with eyes easily sensitive to too much light. Having that bit of shadowing, almost like a hat, allows you to focus on what’s ahead rather than feel overwhelmed by the amount of light pouring in. 

You may also notice that some masks either have a single lens, two separate lenses, or multiple lenses that open your view to the sides. While none of these will obstruct your view, you may find that you prefer the peripheral vision offered by the multi-lens, also called wraparound or panoramic, masks. Two lens masks are rather popular amongst divers and can come in a variety of shapes to open up the field of vision—usually so you can see down when adjusting your gear. They also help to reduce the volume in the mask by a small amount to make for easier clearing, making it quite popular for freediving as well. The single lens mask keeps your vision wide open, but can cause a bit more volume within the mask. For this reason, many divers and snorkelers love to use single lens dive masks.  

Sometimes you’ll see dive masks that have a section around the lower part of the nose pocket called a purge. Many divers enjoy using masks with a purge since it keeps their masks clear of water with a simple sharp exhale. Due to the structured nature of the purge, some find it restrictive when it comes to equalizing and prefer the entire nose pocket to be the traditional soft silicone. Scuba divers and snorkelers tend to be the only underwater explorers who use a mask with a purge, but divers, snorkelers, and freedivers alike enjoy using masks without a purge as well. 

Volume is another thing to consider when it comes to masks. You’ll see masks that state that they’re either low, medium, or high in volume. This just indicates how much space and air is in the masks when it’s on your face. Low volume masks are mostly used by freedivers for easy equalizing, but low volume masks can be used across all disciplines. Medium to higher volume masks are more for scuba divers and snorkelers since you have more options when it comes to clearing and equalizing the masks. 

How Are EVO Masks The Same?

While there are some differences between EVO masks, there are also some consistent features you can find across all EVO scuba masks. Because not all heads are the same size, each mask will come with adjustable side buckles so you can find just the right fit. The adjustable buckles hold a wide silicone strap that easily fits around the back of your head, keeping your mask comfortably stable and supported. Every mask features a silicone nose pocket for effortless equalizing and the tempered glass lenses are made to be strong and safe.

Performance is everything to EVO Water Gear and their masks are no exception. Dive into your adventures with high quality gear you'll love to use for all your adventures in the sea.

Get to Know Each EVO Dive Mask:

This lower volume mask offers an open view of the underwater world while featuring superior versatility for activities such as scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling.

The EVO Andros Frameless Mask presents a single-lens, low-volume design that provides an expansive field of view and a pleasingly snug fit. Whether you're encountering a vibrant coral reef or a graceful school of fish, this mask allows you to explore the underwater realm with an unobstructed perspective, courtesy of its single tempered glass lens. Beyond visual clarity, comfort is a key feature. The silicone skirt adapts to your facial contours, preventing leaks and ensuring a watertight seal. Meanwhile, the adjustable strap secures the mask in place while maintaining comfort. This mask's sleek frameless construction not only adds an element of style but also allows for easy storage and travel.

With the same frame cut of a two lens mask, but featuring peripheral windows along the sides, this mask offers excellent visibility for scuba diving and snorkeling. The easy clearing purge in the nose pocket is an added bonus!

With the EVO Hammerhead+ Mask, witness unmatched panoramic views through the wraparound lens dive masks. EVO’s patented panoramic technology seamlessly connects these lenses, expanding your visual scope underwater. Enhancing your diving experience, the Hammerhead+ mask is equipped with a purge valve in the nose pocket for effortless mask clearing. Additionally, with the standard channeled skirt design and tempered glass lenses, this scuba mask enables you to fully immerse yourself in your dive expedition.

A great mask for any scuba diver, this two lens mask is designed for superior grip. Whether you’re taking your mask off and on underwater or pinching the nose pocket to equalize, you’ll feel the textured grip points assist your needs on your dive.

Incorporating a multitude of features, the EVO Abaco Mask offers an exceptionally comfortable diving experience. It has a strong frame, a soft silicone skirt, and an adjustable strap. The silicone skirt has textured grip edges that adapt to your face and create a watertight seal. The silicone mask strap, which can be conveniently adjusted, attaches to the mask using quick-release buckles. That way, you can adjust them once and use the buckles to don and doff the mask, sidestepping any discomfort from hair pulling. This mask is great for both scuba diving and snorkeling.

Both scuba divers and snorkelers will love using the EVO Isla Mask. The clear silicone skirt allows more light throughout which makes it ideal for low light or murky conditions, and the frame shape makes for an open view of the world beneath the surface.

The EVO Isla Mask is EVO’s only dive mask model that is only available in a clear silicone skirt. This allows more light into the mask, which makes the Isla perfect for low light dives. The small, clear windows on the side expand your view peripherally so you can keep a better eye on your dive buddy or make sure you don’t miss the whale shark swimming off to your left. Donning and doffing this mask is so much easier thanks to the quick release buckles, and the mask strap is adjustable for a customizable fit. The flexible silicone skirt offers a double seal to keep water out and the ridges on the sides allow this mask to conform to your face for the perfect fit.

Freedivers who want to keep their dives easy and their vision crystal clear will enjoy using this low volume, two lens EVO Stealth Mask for their dives. The high grade crystal silicone skirt also ensures comfort and durability for all your dives.

While originally intended for freediving, the EVO Stealth Mask excels in various water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing. Its low-volume design makes it easy to equalize. The black silicone skirt reduces glare that's typically present with clear silicone masks. The integrated swivel buckles, designed for easy adjustments, ensure a snug fit. Once adjusted, the swivel mechanism allows you to fine-tune the mask’s placement, combining comfort and convenience seamlessly.

Ideal for freediving, this mask is low in volume for effortless equalizing. The mirrored lenses also help to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare while restoring color at depth for a more vivid experience in the water.

The EVO Stealth HD Mask is designed to provide you with vivid and protected vision, whether you’re exploring shallow waters or indescribable depths. The Stealth HD mirrored lenses have various purposes. They not only shield your eyes from the fish (ideal for spearfishing) and restore color at depth allowing you to see better and clearer, but they also protect your eyes from the sun’s glare on those brighter days. Between the highly durable silicone skirt and the safe, high-quality tempered glass, this mask is rugged and will last through your adventures and beyond.

Designed for the scuba diver or snorkeler that wants to see it all. The wraparound lenses allow for a wide peripheral view to fully immerse yourself underwater.

The EVO Tiburon Mask showcases a wraparound lens design that provides a clear and expansive view of the underwater world. With a single front and two side lenses, this scuba mask grants a broad field of vision and eliminates any confined feeling. Its optical-quality, impact-resistant glass lenses ensure superior light transmission and accurate colors. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt ensures a secure seal to prevent leaks. Built to withstand the corrosive effects of salt and chlorine, this mask is crafted for long-lasting durability.


Which mask should you use for scuba diving?

For scuba diving, it's recommended to opt for a mask with a low to medium volume. Consider the EVO Andros, EVO Abaco, or the EVO Isla masks.

What does a purge on a mask do?

A purge valve on a mask is a mechanism located on the nose pocket that aids in clearing water from inside the mask. The primary advantage of a purge valve is that it enables mask clearing without the need for using your hands.

Which mask is suitable for snorkeling?

When snorkeling, a mask with medium to high volume is appropriate. The EVO Tiburon and EVO Hammerhead+ masks feature wraparound lenses which allow you to see more than traditional mask lenses.

Is tempered glass important for diving?

Tempered lenses are resistant to breaks and scratches, which is crucial for maintaining durability and visibility when you're underwater.

Which mask is recommended for freediving?

For freediving, a mask with low volume is the ideal choice. The EVO Stealth and EVO Stealth+ masks are great options for freediving enthusiasts.