XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object)

XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object)
XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object) Overhead View
XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object) Bottom View
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XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object) Overhead View Thumbnail}
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XS Scuba UFO (Universal Floating Object)



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The XS Scuba Universal Floating Object (UFO) is a versatile, floating platform that can be adapted to numerous uses with the addition of customized kits and accessories. Divers use their UFOs for spearfishing, scuba instruction, or tank-free hookah diving. The base model is so feature-rich that the imaginative will find countless uses for it. With plenty of tie-downs and attachment points (28 D-rings and 12 hooks) along with ample storage space, you might find yourself treating the UFO as a sort of floating backpack. The UFO base model comes standard with a dive flag and staff, shoulder straps, thick foam floor board for rigidity, a crisscross bungee hold-down with tensioner, and enough bungee cord and pull bobs to build 6 tie-downs.

The UFO is built to last: reinforced handles, clips and D-rings. Thick PVC inner bladders. 600D skin, reinforced with four layers of polyurethane. You'll be enjoying the utility and convenience of your UFO for decades to come. And don't be surprised if other divers ask you, "What the heck is that?"

Note: Do not over inflate.  If are are using compressed air or a pump, fill partially and inflate it the rest of the way orally. 



  • 15 x 12.75 in (38 x 32 cm) dive flag with wire stiffener, staff and mounting hardware
  • 2 shoulder straps for hands-free transporting
  • Crisscross bungee hold-down with tensioner
  • Enough bungee cord and pull bobs to build 6 tie-downs
  • 28” (70 cm) fish measuring scale along starboard side
  • Drain holes with stainless steel grommets
  • Dimensions: L 36” x W 26” x H 11” (91 x 26 x 28 cm)


One UFO, Infinite Possiblities

Expand your options even more with one of the upgrade kits below!

Hookah Kit

XS Scuba's Universal Floating Object (UFO) hookah diving kit frees divers from bulky air tanks for a diving experience of unparalleled freedom.

Incredibly popular at resorts and among recreational divers in tropical and subtropical waters. The UFO is capable of securely holding the heaviest, large-volume cylinders on the surface while you drift through the water below, free as a dolphin. If you crave a lighter-weight diving experience, try the UFO and hookah kit. We recommend connecting the hookah hose to the UFO bow ring and a pocket weight belt using a hose hook.

  • Leave bulky tanks on the surface and dive freely
  • All the equipment you need to convert your UFO into a hookah
  • Enjoy a natural, lightweight, and totally unique diving experience


Hookah kit includes:

  • Tank carrier with 4 stainless steel clips
  • Brawn first stage regulator
  • 25' of yellow low-pressure hose
  • First stage quick disconnect
  • 2 hose hooks
  • Hookah second stage regulator
  • 110º angle adapter
  • 4 pocket zippered weight belt


Spearfishing Kit

Ideal for spearfishers, the XS Scuba Spearfishing Kit will transform your UFO into a breakaway float or chase float. Featuring an anti-shark fish bag, a collection bag for lobster or scallops, and a cargo net, it provides everything you need for a successful and organized hunt. Simply attach each component to the UFO’s reinforced D-rings and hooks.

  • Specially designed for spearfishers
  • Compatible with the XS Scuba UFO base model
  • Anti-shark fish bag hangs in the water and keeps sharks away
  • Collection bag for lobster, abalone, or scallops
  • Cargo net for securing your wetsuit or towels
  • Attaches to the UFO’s D-rings and hooks


Instructor Kit

In order to turn a motivated student into a diver, you have to get out of the classroom. And yes, that means you have to schlep all your teaching gear down to the beach. It's a pain, but you have to do it. Thankfully, getting your students and your necessary equipment into the water is easier than ever.

With the installation of the Instructor Kit, the UFO offers plenty of student hand holds as well as ample, secure storage space for instructor slates, spare items, and the safety equipment you hope you never need.

Two handle assemblies provide handholds for pre-dive instruction. Zippered cargo bag and cargo net keeps equipment secure and easily accessible. Folding anchor for keeping the UFO hovering overhead while you dive.

Instructor kit includes: 2 handle assemblies, a zippered cargo bag, cargo net, and a small folding anchor.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Customer Reviews



5 out of 5 stars

Happy Float-er!

Was very easy to inflate. Do not know what the PSI I inflated to however I inflated each chamber until it felt firm. I used with steel tank weighing over 50lbs, with no problems. Wish the dive flag had longer stem however works as advertised.