Stream2Sea 30 SPF Sunscreen for Body

Stream2Sea 30 SPF Sunscreen for Body


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Way to go! Stream2Sea’s hard work and commitment to our environment has paid off, earning the prestigious Protect Land + Sea Certification for their SPF30 Sunscreen (yes, the item you're currently looking at). Tested by an independent lab, Stream2Sea can celebrate that they are certified as having 0% (yep, zero percent) of ANY ingredients known to harm sea life. Although sunscreen protects your skin from UV damage, it doesn't protect the coral reefs; many mainstream sunscreen formulas contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life, which they are exposed to when your sunscreen wears off in the water. Stream2Sea has created an eco-friendly, biodegradable formula with all natural ingredients to give your skin the UV protection it needs without harming our beloved coral reef. EcoTested and proven formula, this special Sunscreen for Body is highly water resistant and has SPF 30 protection with a mineral base.


Stream2Sea Sunscreen Features:

  • Protect Land + Sea Certification
  • Contains 0% HEL (Haereticus Environmental Lab) List chemicals
  • Antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame, and Olive Leaf
  • Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection
  • Water resistant for 80 minutes
  • Non-greasy, will not burn eyes
  • Contains 8.8% (Non-Nano) Titanium Dioxide

Tips & Tricks:

  • This is a mineral sunscreen and needs to be applied differently
  • Apply in sections and rub in well
  • When using Stream2Sea sunscreen: Apply Stream2Sea’s Nourishing Body Lotion to dry skin and allow to fully absorb before applying for best results
  • Won’t burn your eyes or cause mask leakage

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