Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer - Black Bezel
Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer Digital Clock Face - Black Bezel
Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer NDL Planner Face - Black Bezel
Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer Analog Clock Face - Black Bezel

Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer - Black Bezel



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You dive the Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer because you’re the person on the dive boat who notices when the dive master starts gearing up. You slip to your spot and begin your preparations. After all, you are the first one in the water after the dive master.

As soon as the captain yells that ever coveted ‘Dive, Dive, Dive!’ your fins are hitting the water. You drop below the surface and your Teric lights up and starts your dive data feed. As you descend, you check all your settings one more time. Though you don’t need it for this dive, you like knowing you have a 3-axis compass on the dive computer. Just in case. And though you’re diving Nitrox today, you love knowing your dive computer can handle Air and Trimix (among other things) just as easily.

Reaching your dive depth, you double check your screen and see the full color AMOLED display. Checking your bottom timer, it’s started. You can engage the stopwatch feature, but today is a chill kinda dive. So you settle into the dive and enjoy the exploration. If one of your audible or vibration alarms goes off, you’ll check your computer. Until then, you check your dive data as needed and enjoy all the amazing creatures under the sea.

Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer Features:

  • Decompression dive computer
  • Air integrated
  • 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Switchable audible & vibration alerts
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • 316 Stainless steel bezel & buttons
  • 22 mm strap
  • Ballistic nylon polymer case
  • Trimix enabled
  • Fixed PPO2
  • Bottom timer with stopwatch
  • Dive log
  • Configurable sampling rates and alarms
  • Modes: OC Rec, OC Tec, CC/BO, Gauge, and Freediving
  • Screen resolution: 400 x 400
  • Full color AMOLED display
  • Display size: 3.53cm / 1.39"
  • Sapphire crystal face
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Wireless charging station
  • Depth Rating: 200 m / 660’
  • Dive log capacity (10 second rate): up to 500 hours
  • Configurable text color display
  • Connect up to 4 transmitters (sold separately)

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