Scuba Diving Slate with Swivel Clip

Scuba Diving Slate with Swivel Clip


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When you go to your next underwater party, don’t forget to bring your name tag! Just write “Hello, my name is _______” on your dive slate and clip it on your BC so all your new dive buddies will know your name. Oh, you don’t have a dive slate that clips easily onto your BC? Then get this one! It’s a great slate. Comes with its own tethered pencil and swivel clip and everything. Even if you’re not heading to an underwater party, sometimes you have something to say, but can’t spit it out when you’ve got a regulator in your mouth. Just clip the dive slate anywhere that suits you so you can get to it easily, and use the tethered pencil for your underwater communication.


Scuba Diving Slate Features:

  • Waterproof dive slate
  • Includes tethered pencil
  • Attached swivel clip for easy accessibility
  • Size: 4.5” x 7.75”

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