JBL 9/16" Nitro Band with Metal Wishbone

JBL 9/16" Nitro Band with Metal Wishbone

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Replace your worn out JBL 200 series spear band(s) with the JBL 9/16" Nitro Band with Metal Wishbone. The special antioxidant coating on the band protects against rapid deterioration from UV rays, ensuring its longevity resulting in less frequent replacements. To further prolong the life of your spear band, rinse it in fresh water and once it’s dry, store it in the resealable bag it arrives in or a dark, dry place. Delivering powerful performance you can count on with every shot, these nitro band’s power curve increases as they’re stretched to give you maximum performance every time. Improved strength is accomplished with the 302 stainless steel wishbones, providing the durability you rely on.


JBL Nitro Band Features:

  • 9/16" (14.5mm) exterior diameter
  • 302 stainless steel wire wishbone
  • Unique latex formula and dip manufacturing process
  • Power curve
  • Antioxidant coating

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD113211
  • Wishbone Type: Metal
  • Spear Band Thickness: 9/16
  • Accessory: No