EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots
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EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots


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Our poor feet: cut and scraped on coral and rocks, rubbed raw and blistered from fins, sunburned on top because we forgot sunscreen. Enough is enough! Be sweet to your feet and upgrade your watersports experience with EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots. Rugged, puncture-resistant vulcanized rubber protects your tender soles while the no-slip traction keeps you upright. The 5mm neoprene keeps tootsies toasty at a wide range of water temperatures, but isn't too warm to warmer climates. Because we hate those excruciating blisters on the backs of our ankles, these dive booties have a high armored heel cap including a fin stop to keep your fin straps where they belong. The heavy-duty zipper makes putting on and taking off your dive boots super-easy. Built durable and rugged, these dive boots will last for years with their industrial-strength gluing, blind-stitching, and the toughest materials we could find that were suitable for all-water use. EVO Classic High Top Dive Boots: your passport to adventure!


EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots Features:

  • 5MM Classic design Medium Sole Zipper Boots
  • 5MM neoprene upper suitable for a wide range of water temperatures
  • Puncture-resistant No-slip traction sole locks onto the slickest surfaces
  • Say goodbye to flapping fin straps and blisters thanks to armored heel cap with fin stop
  • Rugged materials secured with heavy-duty gluing and blind-stitching

Note: All Dive Boots are expressed in men’s shoe sizes. Women should subtract two (2) sizes from their normal shoe size in order to obtain correct dive boot sizing.

More Info

  • Product Sku: 10452
  • Thickness (mm): 5
  • Seams: Flat-Lock Stitched
  • Sizing: Men
  • Accessory: No
  • Boot Type: High Top

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Do you have womens sizes ? Or are they mens size only ? Thanks

Answers (1)
  • D
    Divers Direct


    These boots are men's sizing. We recommend women to go down two sizes when ordering.


Sam ferrief

Can you wear these in a kayak and wet wade in them ?

Answers (1)
  • D
    Divers Direct


    The EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots can be used for other activities, however, we would recommend the ScubaPro Delta 5mm Dive Boots (https://www.diversdirect.com/p/scubapro-delta-5-mm-2019?objectID=76581&queryID=73e678e67423fe4feb3f3d1639baf1f3) which have a thicker sole. It will allow a little more protection in rockery environments.


Jane Campbell

How stiff is this bootie? How thick are the soles?

Answers (1)
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    Divers Direct


    The sole of the EVO 5mm Classic Dive Boots is roughly 1/4" thick. For a slightly more stiff boot, check out the ScubaPro Delta 5mm Dive Boots (https://www.diversdirect.com/p/scubapro-delta-5-mm-2019?objectID=76581&queryID=5024950aad4c32a2601a24e91bf74b14).