Deluxe Tech 400-Foot (122 m) Dive Reel, Scuba Diving Spool

Deluxe Tech 400-Foot (122 m) Dive Reel, Scuba Diving Spool



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For a safety line you can see, turn to the Deluxe Tech 400-Foot (122 m) Dive Reel. The bright orange color allows for high visibility in all conditions, especially important in low light or cloudy water. Includes a mountable base and 400 feet of durable nylon line. Nylon is a great choice for dive reel line because it doesn’t degrade from UV radiation, isn't affected by salt water corrosion, and doesn't stretch or deform when wet. Attach this dive reel to your marker buoy, use for cave or wreck diving, or during search and rescue dives. Regardless of the situation, you can count on the Dive Reel to guide you and keep you safe.


Deluxe Tech Dive Reel Features:

  • Ideal for attaching to your marker buoy, using when cave diving or performing search and rescue
  • Heavy duty line reel
  • Bright orange for high visibility
  • 400 feet of nylon line
  • Includes mounting base
  • Line resists corrosion and degradation for long-lasting, reliable use

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  • Product Sku: DD121680
  • UPC Code: 618152135254