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Aqualung Helix Regulator (Din)



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The Aqualung Helix DIN Regulator is a mid-range regulator that is part of Aqualung’s core range. As soon as you get your hands on this regulator, you will feel like the regulator has chosen you. Experience incredible breathing with an ergonomic Venturi knob that allows you to make precise adjustments. With amazing performance for the price, the Helix is a necessity in your diving arsenal. Featuring a balanced first and second stage design, you can enjoy incredible, consistent performance on every dive. The “T” shaped body provides you with a comfortable fit along with Aqualung’s patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece and standard bite wing mouthpiece. The Helix requires less-maintenance. It can be reviewed every 2 years. With a maximum service pressure of 300 bars (4350 psi), it comes Nitox ready out of the box.

The first stage's compact balanced diaphragm is made with a chrome plated marine grade brass construction. This makes it more compact, and lightweight for the most comfortable breathing. You can be worry free knowing the delicate internal parts are environmentally sealed to keep out contaminants such as salt, sand, and chlorine. The second stage features a pneumatically balanced design delivering a constant pressure of gas. Your breathing will be effortless regardless of your depth or tank pressure. A Venturi switch helps prevent free-flow when your regulator is out of your mouth. And it even provides a boost in performance when at deeper depths.


Aqualung Helix DIN Regulator Features:

  • Balanced first & second stage design
  • Patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece
  • Standard bite wings
  • Reusable mouthpiece clamp
  • 2 year service review design
  • Nitrox ready up to 40% O2
  • EAN 40 compatible
  • Hose: 29" with 3/8" threads
  • Weight: 23.35 oz

First Stage:

  • Compact balanced diaphragm
  • Chrome plated marine grade brass construction
  • Environmentally sealed to keep out contaminates
  • Four, 3/8" UNF LP ports
  • Two, 7/16 UNF HP ports
  • Angled ports for optimum hose configuration
  • Service pressure: 300 bars (4350 psi)

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically balance design
  • Constant pressure
  • Effortless breathing

Venturi Switch:

  • Helps prevent free-flow when out of mouth
  • Easy-grip lever
  • Performance boost at depths

Aqualung Helix Regulator Documentation:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

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  • Product Sku: DD149943

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