100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

Every training program at Divers Direct has a Satisfaction Guarantee. Our goal is to give you an ACE: Awesome Customer Experience – within our commitment to SPF: Safety, Performance and Fun!

Whether you are learning to breathe underwater for the first time, taking your scuba skills to the next level or learning to freedive, we want to make sure your time spent with us meets your quality expectations.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your instruction, we will refund your tuition* and above all, do our best to improve the quality of your training programs. We strive to deliver unbeatable courses and we want to make sure our programs meet your expectations!

Our priorities are to keep you informed, knowledgeable, and safe when engaging in activities in aquatic environments. You should leave not just with an appreciation for water sports and the marine environment, but with the confidence and knowledge to participate in these activities for years to come.

When taking our classes, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were you given plenty of time to practice your skills before venturing in the water?

  • Did your instructor let you master these skills at your own pace, without feeling rushed, while maintaining safety standards?

  • Was your instructor on time and prepared for each class?

  • Was your instructor patient and thorough in the explanation of skills and theory?

  • Did your instructor answer questions you had regarding learning how to scuba dive or any other activity you were learning with him/her?

  • Did you feel safe and confident in your activity by the end of the course? Are you confident knowing you can safely plan aquatic adventures on your own?

  • Did your instructor ensure that you were comfortable and safe during your aquatic course?

  • Did you feel the learning environment was safe?


 If you wouldn't recommend this training program to a friend, or revisit us for more adventures, we need to know! Tell one of our crew members about what went wrong, and we will happily take the steps necessary to correct the shortcomings.

*Money-back guarantee is limited to the tuition cost of your training course. We cannot refund transportation fees, boat fees, books and training material, equipment rental costs, or purchased items that do not meet our normal equipment return policies. This guarantee is only offered if you have purchased your training material from Divers Direct. This guarantee is only offered to you if you have purchased your tuition from Divers Direct or from an approved associated independent instructor recommended by Divers Direct. You must provide copy of your receipt for tuition fee paid. Request for refund must be made and the refund processed at the store prior to processing of the certification card or graduation certificate for the course you took. Refund will not be given once certification card or graduation certificate has been issued. Ask for the store manager.

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