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  1. Mares Viper Mask
    List Price: $83.00 Price: $74.95 & FREE Shipping
  2. Deep See Kids' Splash Fin
    List Price: $32.00 Price: $22.99 & FREE Shipping
  3. TUSA Tri-Quest Panoramic Scuba Mask
    List Price: $89.00 Price: $79.95 & FREE Shipping
  4. EVO Forte Angled-Blade Open-Heel Dive Fins
    List Price: $79.99 Price: $74.99 & FREE Shipping
  5. Mares One Vision Single-Lens Mask
    List Price: $64.00 Price: $54.95 & FREE Shipping
  6. EVO Ventana Single-Lens Dive Mask
    List Price: $79.99 Price: $69.99 & FREE Shipping
  7. Cressi Calibro Low-Volume Two-Lens Dive Mask
    List Price: $94.95 Price: $84.95 & FREE Shipping
  8. Tusa Liberator Prescription Mask
    As low as $109.93 $134.98 & FREE Shipping
  9. Cressi Focus Mask - Black/ HD Mirror
    List Price: $54.95 Price: $49.95 & FREE Shipping You save: $5.00 (9.1%)
  10. Tusa SF-15 X-Pert Zoom Split Fin
    List Price: $128.95-$149.00 Price: $139.95 & FREE Shipping
  11. Cressi Gara Modular Fin Foot Pocket
    List Price: $99.95 Price: $89.95 & FREE Shipping
  12. Tusa Freedom Elite Single-Lens Mask
    List Price: $80.00 Price: $74.95 & FREE Shipping

Items 49-72 of 175

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Set Descending Direction

Types of Scuba Mask

There are many frames targeted for specific face shapes. Special models are aimed at smaller faces, especially geared for women and youngsters. Low-volume diving masks are another option that come in different sizes and shapes. This design uses less space, moving the lens closer to your eyes. Low-volume offers more peripheral vision, decreases distortion, and enhances light.

Over the years, lenses on dive masks have improved dramatically. Lenses are made of tempered glass, not plastic. This is to prevent distortion and fogging, minimize scratching, and to allow vision correction. There are also single lens, double lens and wraparound lens dive masks. Single lens dive masks may be best for those who do not need vision correction. Double lens diving masks are a good option for people who need corrective lenses. Many manufacturers create masks that are compatible with prescription lenses. Some manufacturers have created four lens dive masks. This greatly improves range of vision as the two lenses have been placed on the sides of the dive masks to extend side views. 

Scuba Diving Fins

A scuba fin increases your ability to move quickly and efficiently through the water. There are numerous options to consider in order to increase your enjoyment of the activity based on your needs and ability. The most important factor to consider in selecting your personal scuba equipment is comfort and fit. Recreational diving is intended to be fun, and in order to maximize your fun, you must have scuba gear that fits properly.

Other key features to consider when purchasing a scuba fin are your ability level, stiffness of the fin, construction of the fin, and heels. Your ability level and leg strength must be considered when choosing the proper fins. If you are using dive fins that do not match your skill level, you will either not have the proper stamina or you will "over kick” the fin. By doing this, you will not be as efficient as you could be. Size and stiffness largely dictate the efficiency of dive fins. An experienced diver with strong legs and hip muscles should opt for bigger, stiffer dive fins.  More flexible fins require less leg muscle, and also may prevent the diver from becoming fatigued.

Scuba Snorkels

A snorkel enables you to surface swim and breathe while enjoying beautiful coral reefs and other interesting marine life. Whether you use it with your dive gear or as a part of your snorkel gear set, a good snorkel is always necessary.

There are 3 main types of snorkels: Dry Snorkels, Semi-Dry Snorkels, and Purge Snorkels. Some of these snorkels are available in bundle snorkel gear sets.

Check out our Buyers' Guide for more information on masks, fins and snorkels. 

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