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Scuba Wetsuit - Full - Shorty - Mens, Womens and Kids

Scuba Wetsuit

Scuba wetsuit buying can be a bit of a science. Diving conditions such as water temperatures and depth will determine the style and thickness of wetsuit you'll need. The warmer the water, the less protection you need, whereas the colder the water, the more protection you'll need. Depth is as important as water temperature when considering a suit. This is because the deeper you go, the colder water gets, and neoprene compresses with depth, losing its insulation value. Typically, most neoprene wetsuits lose half their insulation value at 60 feet.

A scuba wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment. Whether you're looking for a mens, womens, or kids wetsuit, there is a scuba diving, surfing, or SUP wetsuit just for you. The primary function of the wetsuit is to keep you warm during all of your water sports activities. Other benefits include protection from the sun, abrasions, stinging marine life, and corals. Wetsuits also provide protection from equipment by working as a layer of cushioning.

Since water absorbs body heat 25 times faster than air, a full cold water wetsuit is a great way to insulate your body and keep you warm longer. Full suits also provide you the most protection with thicknesses ranging from a 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm wetsuit. A warm water wetsuit is thinner, usually a lycra dive skin, or very thin neoprene.

Scuba Wetsuits

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