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Rash Guard - Long & Short Sleeve Rash Guards

Rashguards and Dive Skins

A rashguard is primarily worn in sports practice because the lycra/spandex materials help sweat evaporate faster than a normal t-shirt, while protecting your skin from sunburn. 

Today, you can find different styles of rashguards, like the short sleeve rashguard or long sleeve rashguard. If you are scuba diving in warm water temperatures, a rashguard is a great alternative to a full wetsuit. 

Dive skins are primarily made out of lycra which does not provide much warmth, but offers protection from the sun, cuts and scrapes, and also jellyfish and fire coral stings. These lycra skins are also great under wetsuits, as they allow the neoprene to easily slide over your skin.

Some other types of dive skins are not made of lycra, but of a very thin neoprene or fleece material. These dive skins offer minimal warmth, and ever greater protection from the elements. 

Rash Guards

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