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SUP Board Racks, SUP Board Deck Rigging & Anchors

There’s more to stand up paddle boarding that the board; accessories like racks, deck rigging, and anchors make it easier to get to the water and have more fun while you’re there.

Our selection of SUP board racks will protect your car and your board from your car, preventing dings and scratches that would harm the performance and appearance of both. SUP board rigging makes it easy to attach coolers, water bottles, GoPro® cameras and more to your SUP board, making the most of time spent on the water by bringing the best things along, and the best memories back. A SUP board anchor is essential for those looking to fish or dive from their board, or anyone looking to stay in one place while out on the water.

Racks, Deck Rigging & Anchors

Minimal Price: $ 1.48 1.48