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Lobstering Gear & Equipment - Create a Successful Lobster Season

Snare some bugs with tickle sticks, a lobster net, and your bug bags. Get an early start with the lobster mini season to get ahead of the game, or just get some practice for the real lobster season.

Lobstering Gear

Snare your prey this lobster season with great gear found at Divers Direct. Florida lobster season is August 6th through March 31st. Depending on where you are in the world, there may be different lobstering regulations that apply. Using tickle sticks during the two day Mini Season is always a great way to start. Get your lobster net, and bug bags ready for the last Wednesday and Thursday in July.

Size requirements are very important and it is essential to have a lobster gauge in your lobster gear. We have many gauges available at Divers Direct. The lobster must be larger than three inches from the horns to the carapace rear edge. Remember, that once a lobster is placed in a catch bag, it is considered to be in possession. So be very careful about the size of your catch. Also, do not keep female lobsters bearing eggs, they must be released unharmed.

Now that you know some of the rules, its time to get your lobstering gear. Check out our selection of scuba gear, lobstering gloves, lobster hotels, snares, measuring gauges, tickle sticks, and more. Make sure to get proper training before using any of these products, and be sure to follow manufacturer instructions. You may even want to sign up for our scuba instruction courses before lobster season starts, allowing you to be fully prepared for a successful hunt. Whatever you do, follow the regulations and be safe. Happy lobstering!

Lobstering & Lionfish

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