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Groundbreaking innovations, elegant design, and everlasting quality implores divers to return to Scubapro repeatedly. Scubapro continues to release protective dive wear made to withstand the toughest and coldest conditions. The Galileo dive computer is revolutionizing diving through its ease of use and jammed packed features. And the S600 regulator has been shown to increase inhalation by more than one-third. No matter the circumstance, Scubapro Uwatec wants consumers to have the latest diving tech at their disposal and it shows.

Scubapro diving gear & equipment:

Scubapro’s official company name is “Scubapro Uwatec” and is the combination of the original Scubapro (founded in 1963 by Gustab Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin in the United States) and Uwatec (a Swiss company created in 1984). Scubapro and Uwatec joined forces in 1997 when Johnson Outdoors took the two companies under its wing and melded them into one. Scubapro is known for a number of diving firsts (in addition to the quality dive gear)

  • The Jet Fin: aiding in the technical manner in which divers swim, the jet fin is still used today.
  • Mark 5: an industry-leading, first stage piston regulator. The foundation of the Mark 25 in use today
  • The 109: the first regulator to allow customization of a diver’s inhalation/breathing effort
  • AIR2: the merging of a balanced inflator and a second-stage regulator in one unit
  • And many more…

Scubapro began churning out diving innovations starting in 1964. Scubapro is also responsible for the STAB jacket, the (analog) automatic decompression meter, and the modern regulator diaphragm. After 56 years, Scubapro is mirred in diving excellence and continues to convince us that deep down we want the best and Scubapro Uwatec excels at it.

Scubapro Uwatec diving equipment on

Scubapro is synonymous with innovation and endurance. Scubapro diving equipment is gear you can trust no matter the diving environment; it is trusted by professional and enthusiasts alike. Their wetsuits are lighter & stronger, their regulators flow true smooth, and their dive computers watch over your heart rate to provide instantaneous notifications throughout a diving session. Scubapro is diving equipment at its best and we’re glad to offer Scubapro Uwatec diving equipment here on divers direct.

Scubapro Scuba Diving Regulators, Dive Computers, BCDs, Wetsuits, Snorkels, and other Scubapro Uwatec diving gear


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