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How to Fit Your Dive Mask

Have you ever been scuba diving and your diving mask started leaking? It probably means that you were improperly fitted for your dive mask. Fit is absolutely the most essential element in selecting a dive mask. A scuba mask must be comfortable and must have a watertight seal. There are several tests to see if the diving mask you choose fits properly. The first one is the dry fit test. Look up while putting the scuba mask on, without securing the strap. The mask should touch all parts of your face evenly. Now do the same thing while trying to inhale gently. This is the suction test—you should notice a tight seal. Try these two simple tests to know you have the correct scuba mask fit.

Other things to consider when looking for the perfect dive mask are construction, size, and lens. Dive masks are generally made of silicone because it's non-allergenic and resists deterioration. Frames are generally made of hard plastic to reduce weight and to lengthen the life of the dive masks.

New Scuba Mask Treatment

After purchasing a dive mask it is important to do a pre-dive cleaning. This will help eliminate problems with fogging during a dive. Wash the dive mask with warm soapy water to remove the manufacturer's preservative lubricant. Talk to your Divers Direct GearUp Expert to find out methods of treating your new mask before you go diving.

Divers Direct offers only the best dive mask options available so you can focus on the specific features that meet your scuba diving needs. All our scuba equipment is factory fresh and comes with the original manufacturer's warranty. Check out Divers Direct for a great selection of dive masks.


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