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Scuba Fins

Paddle Fin vs Split Fins

The two main types of fin construction are paddle fins and split fins. Paddle fins are the most common scuba fin on the market. The one piece construction works like a paddle as you kick through the water. Manufacturers have refined this construction with rails and ribs to help channel water and increase your efficiency, fin stability, and power. Split fin technology simulates a propeller slicking through the water. A split fin slices through the water to decrease turbulence and increase power. Ultimately, this design requires less energy and provides an easier kick, however you will not move as quickly through the water.

Open Heel Fins vs Full Foot Fins

The two main types of heel construction are full foot style and open heel scuba fins. Full foot style can be worn without dive booties and are great for warm water scuba diving or boat diving. Open heel scuba fins are to be worn with dive booties. This allows for built-in protection and comfort. Open heel fin straps are adjustable to fit your foot to desired tightness and comfort level. You can adjust an open-heel fin for different diving conditions that require thinner or thicker booties. Open heel scuba fins are usually easier to put on and take off, especially ones with a quick release clip.

Whether you decide to go for a split scuba fin, paddle scuba fin, open heel scuba fin, or snorkel fin, we have the largest selection of scuba fins here at Divers Direct. Visit us at one of our Florida dive shops for more information, or search our wide selection online.


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