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Floats Marker Buoys & Lines

Divers Direct carries floats, marker buoys, and scuba floats for your safety, while you're having a great time in the ocean. Let other divers and snorkelers, and most importantly, boaters know where you're diving with a marker buoy. Scuba floats are designed for your safety, and well being. Ensure your day in the ocean is a great day, by making yourself be seen, even when you're underwater.

Having many different floats, marker buoys, and scuba floats to choose from is a wonderful thing. It ensures you're able to pick the right one for your particular activity, and also you'll be able to distinguish it from others around you. If you want to go spearfishing, make sure you take the proper float to hold your catch. If you found an interesting reef, or wreck, set your marker buoy so after your surface interval, you can get back to it no problem. You do need a scuba float to let other divers, and boaters the you're in the area. This is all for your own safety. At Divers Direct, we want you to enjoy scuba diving, and we want you to keep coming back to us for your scuba diving, and snorkeling needs.

Floats, Buoys & Lines

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