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Founded in 1990, Roxy brings performance apparel to women long before others did. As Quiksilver's subsidiary company, Roxy was also born in the water, debuting its first swimwear line in late summer 1990. The company experienced immediate success for being one of the first sports companies to focus solely on the female sports market and create the first board shorts for women with delicacy, fit and flexibility.

From that point on, Roxy expanded. A denim line, snowwear pieces, women boardshorts, accessories, eyewear, footwear, watches, skate gear, and more just to attend the needs of every female athlete and sports enthusiast. Five years passed and Roxy was not only creating epic sportswear but was also supporting the athletic community through its sponsorships and events.

More Than Just Apparel with Roxy

With the guidance of Lisa Andersen, the 1994 reigning ASP Female World Champion, Roxy's team grew into the most respected and accomplished pro team in women's surfing. Since then, Roxy hosts and sponsors events such as the Quiksilver/Roxy Women's Pro Surfing, Roxy Pro Fiji, the Roxy Jam UK, ASP World Championship Tour events, Roxy Pro Women's Surf Festival, and more. Roxy makes anything possible. Check out The Yongala in Gold Coast, Australia, where a 350-foot-long shipwreck is a home for manta rays, octopuses, turtles, bull and tiger sharks, clouds of fish, and spectacular coral. Or, explore Islamorada in the Florida Keys where a 287-foot-long freighter known as "Eagle" sunk in the area is now an excellent attraction to divers and home for aquatic life.

Roxy Apparel & Accessories:

Divers Direct offers a wide range of Roxy products such as Roxy Cover-Ups, Roxy Dresses and Skirts, Roxy Hats, Roxy Pants, Roxy Tops, Roxy Shoes, Roxy Shorts, Roxy Swimwear, and more.

Go Farther with Roxy

Roxy has proved itself to the world over and over again with its continuous improvement on apparel and events with its daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, and alive personality. Roxy is dedicated to helping the female community to achieve their dreams by offering them what others don't. At Divers Direct, we proudly support Roxy and invite you to shop at Shop for Boardshorts, wetsuits, rashguards, t-shirts, bikinis and more!



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