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Created in 2006 by Ron Kawaja, PELAGIC GEAR brings the passion for the ocean to the world. Kawaja is an apparel company devoted to those who live, dream, and stand by the ocean lifestyle. PELAGIC's mission is to connect a laidback culture to a worldwide community of people who share the same love for the ocean.

PELAGIC combines casual lifestyle wear and high-performance apparel to create the best clothes for both water and on land life for the modern fisherman and woman. The company produces technical fishing shorts, UV-sun protection shirts, performance polarized optics, among other to fulfill the needs of its divers and sea fanatics.

Passionate About the Ocean with PELAGIC GEAR

PELAGIC patterns are ocean inspired with water functionality in mind. Its most popular line, the Dorado line, is inspired by patterns of the Dorado fish and have been applied in multiple products. With PELAGIC shorts, shirts, face protectors, and more, you can comfortably transition from water to land. Explore the Sipadan Island in Malaysia, considered one of the best diving spots in the world, and dive with schools of tuna, barracuda, hammerhead sharks, and a lot more. Or stay local with Divers Direct and check out the Spiegel Grove at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary where you can see the 510-foot wreck along with barracuda and oceanic jacks.

PELAGIC GEAR & Accessories:

Divers Direct offers a wide range of PELAGIC products such as PELAGIC rashguards, PELAGIC Men's apparel, PELAGIC Women's apparel, PELAGIC Kids' apparel, and more.


PELAGIC's advocacy for the ocean has taken the company to invest heavily in performance apparel. From the beginning, PELAGIC has worked to find the most comfortable water apparel that outperforms on land and in the water. At Divers Direct, we believe in PELAGIC GEAR and invite everyone to explore PELAGIC on



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