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Created in 1999, Fourth Element strives to create the highest performing products that reflect their passion for the ocean. All products are designed and developed as a result of inspiration on a dive or expedition and feedback from users. After the concept is conceived, months of prototyping and refining then take place in search of innovative solutions to common challenges.

Fourth Element faced its first challenge 19 years ago when it tried to find ways to stay warmer on dives. This pushed Fourth Element to evolve into a full range of wetsuits, drysuits, and drysuit underwear, appropriate for use anywhere in the world.

From Ghost Fishing Nets to Underwater Apparel

Fourth Element continuously looks for ways to improve their impact on the environment. In 2014, the company discovered that ghost fishing nets were being recovered from the ocean and could be recycled into knittable yarn. With that, Fourth Element started to produce swimwear, rashguards, and then finally the Thermocline line - the world's first wetsuit made using recycled marine plastics that outperforms the competition, yet is 76% recycled. Fourth Element's goal is to develop more sustainable products, including wetsuits made from 100% plant-based rubber and packaging that is free from single-use plastic.

Fourth Element Apparel & Swimwear

Divers Direct offers a wide range of Fourth Element products such as Fourth Element Wetsuits, Fourth Element Swimwear, Fourth Element Wetsuit Accessories, and more.

Fourth Element

Fourth Element is committed to fighting the human impact on the ocean, and so they created the Mission 2020, a pledge where organizations and individuals can help the ocean. To know more, visit At Divers Direct, we support Fourth Element and invite you to shop for Fourth Element at


Fourth Element

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