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Lip Balm

Lather on these deliciously flavored lip balms for unbeatable sun protection for your lips. With an SPF 30 rating and nourishing Cocoa Butter formula, these sunscreen lip balms will help prevent sun burnt lips.
Your lips are just as susceptible as the rest of your skin to sunburn if left without sun protection. At Paddlers Direct. we stock several lip balms with SPF ratings to prevent sunburn, blistering, skin cancer and wrinkles. These chapstick style lip balms contain soothing Cocoa Butter to restore chapped lips, while protecting them from sun damage with an SPF 30 rating. Available in delicious tropical flavors, these sunscreen lip balms nourish your lips and relieve the drying effects of the sun, wind, and sea.
Lip Balm Sunscreen

Minimal Price: $ 2.97 2.97