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Scuba Accessories

Clips, lanyards, reels, safety sausages. Wait, did someone say sausages? Point is, we’ve got all the scuba accessories you need, and none of the food products you think we have. I think that’s a fair compromise.

Scuba Accessories

Scuba accessories come in the form of dive lights, dive knives, BCD Clips, and dive bags amongst others, Divers Direct has everything to turn your existing scuba gear into a complete set of dive gear awesomeness. We have a very large selection of dive accessories, and we’ve broken them down into several categories in order to best help you find exactly what you need. We offer an array of easy-to-navigate categories, including Bags & Boxes, Flags, Lights, Knives & Tools, Weights & Belts, Clips & Lanyards, DVDs, Reels, Health & Safety, and Cylinders to name a few. Browse these categories and find any and every type of scuba accessory imaginable. 


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