A Love Letter to the Ocean

Dear Ocean,

At Divers Direct, our team takes pleasure in exploring your deep waters, lush corals and abundant species - so it's our priority to protect you. Over three decades exploring and introducing others to the magic that lie beneath the surface, we see how your waters have changed. It's up to us to make a difference. This World Oceans Day, we are proud to announce some exciting initiatives to help you.

Let's All Pledge to a Healthy Ocean

We wish to see a colorful, rich ocean where extinction and pollution are a thing of the past. To explore waters where high-rise like corals are full of fish swimming from spot to spot that it might look like South Beach on a Saturday night. Divers Direct has supported organizations and programs such as Changing Seas and Reef Relief, and implemented environmentally-conscious brands such as Fourth Element and 4Ocean. Here's our World Oceans Day gift to you:

BANISH Reef-Killer Sunscreens

With the ocean comes the sun - and skin protection is a must. But after years of research, scientists have discovered that much-used chemicals such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate cause coral-bleaching and sometimes skin cancer. Divers Direct has made a priority to banish those reef-killer sunscreens. From now on, whenever you shop with us, you will only find sunscreens free of these chemicals. We are also the first company to join Reef Relief's Campaign, Responsible Sunscreen, that educates on reef-safe sunscreens. Check out our #1 sunscreen, Stream2Sea, for a 100% reef-friendly, reef-safe, and cancer-free sunscreen option.

REDUCE Plastic Usage

If you enjoy our plastic shopping bags, we advise you to hurry (or maybe keep one to show your grandchildren). By July of this year, Divers Direct will no longer use plastic shopping bags. Instead, your gear will come in paper bags or our reusable Divers Direct red bags. We encourage our ocean explorers to replace single-use bags for our red bags to shop with us - we'll be happy to fill it up again! And whenever you use our red bags, use #ddredbag on Instagram to show our community you're making a stand against plastic bags.

Serving Our Communities

To really help the Ocean recover requires support from the entire community. Our goal is to engage our local community to participate. Each of our dive shops join organizations and host events that bring us closer to a healthy ocean. By incorporating educational ocean-friendly events and partnerships, we all work together for a healthy ocean. Check some of this past year's efforts:

Key West

Between hosting workshops and participating in ocean-oriented events, Key West works for a better ocean. As Key West is one of the first cities in Florida to completely ban chemical sunscreens, our dive shop supported this initiative from the beginning.

In January 2019, Divers Direct Key West welcomed Andy Olday from Stream2Sea and his workshops, Marine & Personal Environmental Awareness. The workshop discussed topics such as micro and single-use plastics, awareness of toxic ingredients in our everyday body care products, the expansion of the great garbage patches in the Pacific, and the "Stop Sucking" campaign.

Key Largo

Key Largo works to invite teens from all the local schools to learn about and protect the ocean. As a bonus, attendance counts as extra credit for their science classes! We also help them earn community service hours with local key clean-ups.

Some of this year's event were Tony Young’s Lionfishing Class, and Sustain Yo’ Self Workshop where guests made their own natural toothpaste!

Ft. Lauderdale

Whether it's divers trivia night or bringing awareness to the ocean at festivals, Ft. Lauderdale works to shop divers and nondivers that, yes, we have fun in the ocean but we should clean it too.

On Dive Trivia night, the store challenged our guests' scuba diving and ocean knowledge, bringing to attention to some misconceptions while having a laugh at it. Obviously, the person with the highest points won a prize!


From inside out, Orlando works to educate and inspire new divers to care for the ocean. With Freediving and Scuba diving classes through the year, this store gets to expose guests to the wonder of the ocean in a safe way.

To learn more about Orlando's classes, check out Orlando's SCUBA and Freediving Classes.

Let's Partner Up

If you're an organization working for a healthy ocean, reach out to us. From South Florida to Central Florida, we're always looking for new ways to support and would love to hear from you!

Reach out to:

Join Our Pledge

Together we can make the world’s oceans healthy once again! Join us by checking our upcoming events at www.diversdirect.com/events or following us on Facebook and Instagram for news on how to safely explore beneath the surface.

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