YETI Coolers, Rambler, Hopper, & Soft-Side YETI Coolers

Divers Direct offers more than just scuba gear - we stock thousands of scuba and snorkel accessories hand-picked by our staff of beach bums, divemasters, spearos, and lobster hunters. Scuba accessories we offer include clips and lanyards, weights and belts, reg and BCD accessories - the sort of thing you need a lot more often than you'd think. That $9 bit of gear that can make or break a whole day of scuba diving. We find and stock the scuba accessories we need so often on our own dives - everything you need to fill your save-a-dive kit.

Because we're lucky enough to live in South Florida, we spend most of our time on the beach. We stock snorkel accessories as well as beach necessities - everything from coolers and drinkware to sunglasses.

YETI hard coolers are grizzly-bear-proof and keep your necessities cold longer than any other cooler we've ever taken on the boat. YETI builds coolers to perform in the most extreme conditions. Even if you're the kind of person who neglects their gear, who can't be bothered to maintain your exploration gear, your YETI cooler can take any punishment you or your adventures dish out.

YETI coolers are built for adventure and last a lifetime. They're tougher than a flak jacket, more rugged than a Land Rover, and stay cold longer than you'd believe. We love YETI coolers and take them with us on every adventure.

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  1. YETI Camino Carryall Bag Sale
  2. Yeti Security Cable Lock & Bracket -14%
    List: $34.99 Your price: $29.97 & FREE Shipping You save: $5.02
    Yeti Security Cable Lock & Bracket
  3. $19.99 & FREE Shipping
    YETI ICE 2 LB -2°C
  4. $14.99 & FREE Shipping
    YETI Ice - 1LB
  5. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler Sale
    List: $299.99 $249.97
    YETI Tundra 45 Cooler
  6. $39.99 & FREE Shipping
    Yeti Rod Holster
  7. YETI Hopper Two Soft Cooler - 30 Sale
    List: $299.99-$349.99 $239.99
    YETI Hopper Two Soft Cooler - 30
  8. YETI Tundra 35 Cooler Sale
    List: $249.99 $199.97
    YETI Tundra 35 Cooler
  9. $29.99 & FREE Shipping
    YETI ICE 4LB -2°C
  10. $49.99 & FREE Shipping
    Yeti Tie-Down Kit

Items 1-24 of 48

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Why choose YETI coolers and accessories?

YETI coolers are without a doubt the toughest coolers civilians can get. Maybe Navy SEALs or Delta Force operators have access to some kind of super-tactical armor-plated cooler that's bullet- and bomb-proof. For those of us who aren't hauling our cold drinks into combat, the YETI is plenty. Crazy tough, keeps contents cold for a week, built strong enough to survive a trip over Niagra Falls. With a YETI, you can't go wrong.

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