Mares Snorkeling Gear, Snorkel Masks, Fins, Snorkels, and More

Snorkel gear? Well, it just so happens that we live in snorkeling capital of the USA. Every summer, thousands of visitors glimpse their first sea turtle or dolphin thanks to Divers Direct snorkeling gear. The adventure is out there - what are you waiting for?

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  1. List: $39.99 $34.99 You Save: $5.00
    Mares Manta Snorkeling Full Foot Fins
  2. Mares Clipper Snorkeling Fins Save
    List: $30.00 Sale Price $9.97 You Save: $20.03
    Mares Clipper Snorkeling Fins
  3. List: $65.00 $54.95 You Save: $10.05
    Mares One Vision Single-Lens Mask
  4. List: $83.00 $69.95 You Save: $13.05
    Mares Superchannel Full Foot Scuba Fins
  5. List: $103.00 $89.95 You Save: $13.05
    Mares X-Vision Ultra 2-Lens Dive Mask
  6. List: $73.00 $64.95 You Save: $8.05
    Mares X-Vision Mask
  7. List: $180.00 $159.95 You Save: $20.05
    Mares Excite Pro Open Heel Fins
  8. List: $69.00 $59.95 You Save: $9.05
    Mares X Vision Mid Size Scuba Mask
  9. List: $97.00-$103.00 $87.95 - $89.95 You Save: $13.05
    Mares Volo Race Scuba Fins
  10. List: $157.00 $139.95 You Save: $17.05
    Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Scuba Fins
  11. List: $36.00-$45.00 $31.95 - $39.95 You Save: $4.05
    Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel
  12. List: $95.00 $84.95 & FREE Shipping Everyday Savings: $10.05
    Mares Star LiquidSkin Low Volume Mask
  13. List: $29.00 $24.95 You Save: $4.05
    Mares Dual Snorkel
  14. List: $80.00-$84.00 $59.97 - $74.95 You Save: $9.05
    Mares Viper Mask
  15. List: $74.00 $64.95 You Save: $9.05
    Mares X-Free SF Two-Lens Low Volume Mask
  16. List: $43.00 $35.99 You Save: $7.01
    Mares Bungee Fin Straps (Pair)
  17. List: $21.00 $17.99 & FREE Shipping Everyday Savings: $3.01
    Mares ABS Plus Buckle Set

21 Items

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Mares snorkeling gear: your passport to adventure

Mares snorkeling gearMares snorkeling gear gives anyone, of any age, a window into the wonder and majesty that exists just under the surface of the ocean. Though best known for their scuba gear, Mares snorkeling gear is nearly ubiquitous. You'll find the Mares name on the snorkeling gear used at Caribbean resorts, on California beaches, all over the Mediterranean coast, even in the South Pacific and the snorkeling paradise of Australia. Undersea explorers all over the world rely on Mares snorkeling gear to reveal the bright shapes and flashing colors waiting beneath the waves.

Top Mares snorkeling gear

You can get your essential trio of Mares snorkeling gear right here at Divers Direct:

  • Mares snorkeling masks - comfortable enough to wear all day, clear enough you'll see everything
  • Mares snorkeling fins - shorter and more nimble than freediving or scuba fins, snorkel fins give you the agility and speed you need to explore one breath at a time
  • Mares snorkels - simple, comfortable, and reliable gear enables you to focus on the view

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