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Cressi scuba gear: from hand-crafted masks to world-reknowned scuba gear

In 1938, two Italian brothers named Cressi began crafting diving masks and spearguns for local spearfishers. Their gear quickly became prized among lifelong divers. The Cressi company was founded in 1946 in Genoa, on the coast of the turquoise Ligurian Sea, in Italy. One year later, the first true piece of Cressi scuba gear, the Aro AR47 oxygen rebreather, earned accolades from recreational, professional, and military scuba divers. Cressi continues to produce these three lines of scuba gear today: Cressi scuba masks, Cressi spearguns, and Cressi regulators are still made today with the same painstaking attention to detail the Cressi brothers used when hand-crafting those first masks and spearguns.

Today's Cressi scuba gear

Cressi scuba gear still enjoys a fantastic reputation among divers around the world. Today's scuba gear is infinitely more complicated and technical. Hand-assembly of every item just isn't feasible. If it was, we're pretty sure Cressi scuba gear would be created one piece at a time by rooms full of artisans obsessed with quality. Cressi makes some of the finest scuba diving masks, dive computers, regulators, and scuba fins in the world. When you buy scuba gear you have lots of choices. Why not trust the oldest scuba diving company in the world with the scuba gear you need?

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