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The best way to share you dive adventures is with an underwater camera!

"You want me to take a digital camera in the water!?!"

Modern underwater cameras are easy to use and extremely reliable. Many are water proof even outside of the housing down to depths of 50 feet. If you add a waterproof housing, you can easily reach recreational diving depth limits or greater. Divers Direct offers underwater cameras and underwater digital cameras for every skill level from a simple point and shoot for the kids to the RAW capable Olympus PEN series cameras.

For the beginner to intermediate photographer, we recommend one of several point and shoot  underwater cameras. The Sealife DC1400 is a reasonably priced underwater digital camera that is one of the most user friendly cameras we have seen. The big piano buttons on the underwater housing make finding and using the button you need extremely easy. (Even with gloves.) The DC1400 is also a camera that will grow with your skill level. You can add the Digital Pro Flash and the Fisheye Wide Angle lens for greater artistic control.

For the more advanced underwater photography buffs out there, Divers Direct has the Olympus PEN E-PL5 digital camera. We offer this camera bundled with the PT-EP10 underwater housing which allows it to go down to 135 feet. The E-PL5 underwater camera allows shooting in RAW image format which is the equivalent to a "digital negative'. It is the preferred format of professional digital photographers. Couple that with the amazing special art filters and lens options and the E-PL5 underwater camera provides an unparalleled level of artistic control.

Does your buddy like doing barrel rolls? That remora getting a little too friendly? The best way to capture moments like these is with video. The GoPro Hero 3+ cameras can shoot video in 1080p (or higher) and are waterproof to 130 feet. The options for mounting this underwater video camera are limitless. Head mount, wrist mount, pole mount, speargun mounts, chest mounts, the list goes on. Simply add the LCD touch back plate and the Hero 3 underwater video camera doubles as an underwater digital still camera.

Still unsure about taking a camera underwater? Take a look at the Sealife Reefmaster Mini. This underwater camera is designed for use in and on the water. The digital camera is incorporated into the underwater housing. No O-ring to maintain or latches to worry about all the way down to 200 feet. Or you might consider any of the Olympus Tough series digital cameras. These cameras are waterproof on their own from 15 feet to 50 feet and most can be coupled with an underwater housing to increase that limit to 130+ feet.

Need to know more about how to choose the best underwater camera? Please contact our Friendly Experts.


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