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There are many factors involved in determining the proper scuba suit for your diving abilities and style. Diving conditions such as water temperatures and depths determine the style and thickness of Scuba dive suit you will need. The warmer the water, the less protection you need. The colder the water, the more protection you want. Depth may be even more important than water temperature because neoprene compresses with depth, losing its insulation value. Typically, most neoprene SCUBA wetsuits lose half their insulation value at 60 feet.

A fitted SCUBA suit insulates your body by trapping a thin layer of water between your SCUBA wetsuit and skin to reduce heat loss. Neoprene, which traps nitrogen bubbles, provides the insulation.

A thicker dive suit provide greater insulation, but the quality of the material also plays a part as well.

The thickness of your wet suit should be base the water temperature.

Tropical water divers usually wear a 3/2mm dive wetsuits or less. A split thickness in a wet suit means the core of the body has the thickest neoprene and the arms and legs have the lighter thickness. For example a 3/2mm wetsuit has 2mm neoprene in the arms and lower legs and 3mm in the torso and upper legs. For cooler waters a 3mm or thicker is always recommended.

Want to Make sure your Dive Wetsuit Last longer?

Your wetsuit will last a longer provided you follow the basic recommendations of a wet suit care. As with any piece of diving equipment, rinse out your dive wetsuit with fresh water as soon as possible. Remember to rinse off your zippers, buttons and other fasteners on your suit. To avoid creasing and folds hang your suit to dry on a wet suit hanger with the wetsuit being inside out.

Store your wetsuit the proper way for next time you decide to go diving ...

After a thorough cleaning inspect your SCUBA wetsuit for damages. Look for tears and broken zippers. Repair any damages as soon as possible. The best way to store your SCUBA wetsuit is stretched out flat or hanging from a wetsuit hanger.

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